Aziatic...remember him? He's one of the most dynamic and energetic stars on the punta music landscape. He burst upon the scene over 10 years ago with a style that combined the energy of his North American home and the soulful roots of his Hopkins birthplace. He is now back in Belize to promote his latest album, Baselines and Guitars. 7news was at the airport to give him a warm welcome-home greeting.

Aziatic - Belizean Artist
"The reason why we're here is that I'm launching the project. In Griga, we have to made a concert that includes a whole bunch of artists, people like Poots, Reckless, Lloyd, Consego, Berne - everybody is going to be in the project. So pretty much, I'm dropping this album on Saturday July 30, at Y-Not Island. This city is like one of the - to me - most creative project I've put together, because it's infused with a lot of rock guitars, and baselines are just ridiculous - they're done by my friend and really close musician brainy 'smurf', Young P from New York. Also, I've got my boy, Sun, who's been promoting the project. He's the one putting together everything right now, along with myself. And we're just trying to bring something very special to Griga and to Belize itself, because plan to take this concert not just Griga. We plan to bring it to the city. We plan to bring it out to Cayo, all over the country. So, it's something special to me and everybody involved in the project. I've always wanted to to infuse rock guitar in punta rock, because that's what it's called. It's called "punta rock". And I know Pen Cayetano, when first starting putting guitar to the music, we called it punta rock then, so when I started listening to what rock 'n roll really was like. I thought that it would be really cool if we added that element to the music, you know, that wah wah, distortion from the guitars. And when I ran into P, the musician who co-produced the project, I was like, this guy is really good on his guitars, I mean he's nasty. And I told him that I would love to do projects that we can infuse that sound with the punta rock music, because it is punta rock music. And I wanted to have that rock element. July 30, Saturday, we're going to have everybody. We're going to have Berne, Lloyd, Reckless, Titiman, Consego, King Kod, Sewells, Jobo. Everybody is in the show. I'm going to sing a little verse of my new album, this song called "Ba-Ba". I came up with this song for my uncle, Jr. Aranda, who passed away a few months back. He's one of the legendary paranderos from here. After he passed, I had come up with this track - P and I - we came up with the music and everything, but I had no lyrics to the song. So, a few weeks after that, my uncle passed, and it just happened that this music was there, and it was almost like it was there waiting for these specific lyrics to come out."

The concert will be held at the Y-Not Island in Dangriga on Saturday. The event starts at 1 o'clock in the afternoon and tickets are 20 dollars for adults and 3 dollars for children under 12 years old. Artist such as Supa G, Mohobub Flores and Poots Titiman Flores will join Aziatic on stage.

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