Shari Williams

Are you still trying to locate your college or sixth form books? If so, then you can head out to the BTALCO parking lot this Saturday and exchange some of your used books for the ones you need. Shari Williams, one of the facilitators of the book exchange program, tells us more.

Shari Williams, Facilitator, Book Exchange Program

“What happens, we realize that that sixth form and high school books are so expensive right now, that when parents and some youths approached us about you know helping to facilitate some kind of exchange program. We decided to host this event so last Saturday we put out that we’re going to be at the BTALCO parking lot at number one Map Street right across from the Tavern; and we had a lot of parents showed up with books just sitting on their shelves. And so what happen was that students came, parents came and they exchanged books. Some of them sold it at a reasonable price. But it facilitated a lot of students getting their sixth form books and high school books in order to go back to school next semester.”

Andrea Polanco

“So I understand you’re also holding another one of those events this weekend?”

Shari Williams

“Well the event was so good that a lot of parents who did not hear about it said you know we need to have another one like this and so this Saturday again from one to five p.m at the BTALCO parking lot, again this is at number one Map Street, We’re inviting parents to come out. Parents, high school students, sixth form students just come out and bring the books you have on your shelves, in the boxes under your beds; just bring them out there are students who can use them.”

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