In the last few months we told you about the surplus of onions, but rice has also been produced in excess. In April of this year the Belize Marketing Development Corporation (BMDC) announced that they would be purchasing approximately two million pounds less than they did in 2010 because of an existing surplus. Itís a major loss to the Toledo rice farmers, who harvested six point seven million pounds of rice paddy, but the BMDC was only prepared to purchase five million pounds. What’s worse is that the BMDC has had difficulty paying for the rice that has bought. Fifty percent was paid upon delivery last December, leaving a balance of one hundred thirty-six thousand, seven hundred and fifty dollars. On Monday, a partial payment of eighty two thousand seven hundred forty three dollars was handed over to rice farmers in Toledo and bill is expected to be fully settled by mid-August. The average local consumption of rice is eighteen million pounds annually, but even with the surplus Belize hasnít tapped into the export market. Roque Mai, Managing Director of the BMDC declined a comment to News Five.