Minister Anthony Martinez and Mayor Simeon Lopez signed the contract with Belize Roadway Construction representatives

The Ministry of Works announced this week that it has teamed up with the Belmopan City Council to upgrade and pave three major streets in the capital city at a cost of $184,761.25. The three streets are Atlantic Street, Jamaica Street and Pacific Street. The work is expected to take three months, if weather pemits.

Works Minister Anthony “Boots” Martinez along with Belmopan City Mayor Simeon Lopez signed the contract agreement with the contracting company, Belize Roadway Construction last Monday, July 25.

The work includes removal of unsuitable material, cleaning of debris from the drains, and putting in a new base for the streeets.

Rehabilitating Jamaica Street, which measures 1,236 feet, will cost $92,384.50.

Atlantic Street, which has a length of 942 feet, will cost $65,925.75 to do, while Pacific Street, with a length of 365 feet, will cost $26,451.

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