A group of visiting United Kingdom students took an adventure tour in the
Indian Creek Trail on Monday but flood waters prevented them from
continuing their trek, leaving some nineteen persons stranded. Marcus Kukul
is the second in Command of the Belize Disaster and Rescue Response Team.

Marcus Kukul – Belize Disaster and Rescue Response Team
“We got a call around eight in the morning about 19 students that were
hiking from Monkey Bay to Five Blues National Park and they are stranded at
one of the river crossing where the river has risen above its bank and it
was still raining and the water level was going up. We decided to get in
touch with our logistics and we had a meeting and we decided that we would
assist. We responded and got to Monkey Bay about 1:30 Monday afternoon.
When we got there we looked at the gear we had and we listened to the guide
because the guIde had walked out for seven hours through flooded waters to
get help. She gave us a description and we had what we needed to do a
water river crossing evacuation. There were six BDARRT members, each
packed with a 24 hour ration and we hiked until 11 that night and we
decided it was impossible to get to them that night so we had to camp and
then we moved on the following day. We got to their location about 8:30
that morning, we got to the river and they were on the other side.”

Kukul said the response team set up a high line and medics managed to get
across to check on the students. The rescue team got all the students to
safety without incident.
Kukul said the team moved quickly to assist the visibly dehydrated
students. Kukul says the group was an overnight United Kingdom school group
that comes to Monkey Bay on a regular basis and they do several types of
adventure activities in the area.

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