International Living, an online and print magazine, has completed its latest special on Belize, which was compiled by Dan Prescher and Suzan Haskins. The two I.L. editors, have been coming to the Jewel for over twenty years, but their last two-week visit, gave them a more in-depth look at what the country has to offer. International Living targets retirees or persons who want to relocate to a tropical paradise and the images compiled by Prescher and Haskins promote Belize on a global scale. They have put together a comprehensive guide called “A Blue Print to A New Life in Belize” which includes information on everything from buying property and legal advice to tourist attractions and retiree benefits. The following promo, called Belize Uncensored, was released today.

For more details on “A Blue Print to A New Life in Belize” can be found on Click here.

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