Residents of the Maya Mopan community in the Stann Creek district have been complaining of a problem jaguar in their area.

Harry Arzu reporting…
“Residents of Maya Mopan Village in the Stann Creek are very concerned about jaguars roaming the village and killing their domestic animals and by extension scaring villagers and farmers in nearby plantations. Mario Cho is the Secretary of the Village Council.

Mario Cho – Secretary, Maya Mopan Village Council
“For the past couple of days villagers have been complaining to the village council that there is a jaguar roaming in the village killing and eating their dogs. Mothers in the community are terrified because recently the jaguar has been imitating the crying of babies in the wee hours of the morning. It is not only in Maya Mopan but also in the surrounding villages. We have notified the relevant authorities such as the Belize Audubon Society and the Forestry Department so they can intervene and to assist us to find a proper solution to this problematic jaguar in the community however we have not received any response from the authorities. Because we have always have problems with jaguars we are once again calling on the authorities to help us to find a short term and long term solution to this problem, failure to do so we will have to find another alternative to save life and property from the jaguars.”

Maya Mopan is 21 miles south of Dangriga near Georgetown Village.”