Many times the news is flooded with appeals from people who need financial assistance to deal with some critical illness. Well now there is an insurance policy, an entirely new product that Guardian Life has provided called the Critical Illness Plan. This new product, according to the experts, offers consolation to people who are healthy now but are diagnosed upon medical consultation that they have one or more of the twenty-three common illnesses, from blindness to cancer and everything else in between that is covered by the plan.

Sandra McKay – Representative, Guardian Life Insurance
“The health and medical experts throughout the world but we are looking at Belize in particular recognize that today we are more at risk for critical illnesses to occur. We look around Belize and we see a lot of debilitating diseases, cancer, heart attack, stroke, kidney, kidney failure has been on the rise and so we have looked at the fact that is definitely a gap in the needs of our Belizean people that needs to be addressed. The gap lies in the finances to be able to afford the care and treatment that these health and medical experts can provide so they are saying we are more risk, they are saying care and treatment is available but funds can make it difficult for people to access the care and treatment and unlike a health insurance plan it is a medically related benefit in that it gives you a lump sum on first diagnosis so if you are diagnosed for the first time with any of the 23 illnesses that we cover, you can have in your hand a lump sum of between $55,000.00 to $400,000.00 that can make a significant difference in affording the care and treatment. The rates have been very stable so far but the company will have to review if statistics change drastically.”

Anyone interested in the new Critical Illness Plan can call Guardian Life for more details.