The Ministry of Health has acquired 90 desktop computers, seven servers and six universal power system (UPS) to properly implement the Belize Health Information System, which introduced electronic health records as an innovative way of using modern information technology to improve the delivery of health care in Belize.
Thanks to the continued support and cooperation of the Global Fund Project which financed the purchase of the new machines, the new system will enhance access to better quality patient records, which in turn increases efficiency and improves work flow, affording a higher quality of health care to every Belizean.

The 90 computers, seven servers and six UPS will be distributed to all hospitals and clinics throughout the country, as well as the Information Technology Department at the ministryís headquarters in Belmopan, so as to help further institutionalize the Belize Health Information System.

This advanced health information system seeks to interconnect both public and private hospital and clinics of Belizeís health care system. This bold and beneficial application of technology should create a truly national, integrated health information system, with the goal of every Belizean having an electronic health record to ensure that the patientís information is complete, documented accurately and patient care continues to progress optimally.

Electronic health records are a powerful tool to improve safety, quality and confidentiality in health care delivery. The new system also supports improvements in monitoring, evaluation, procurement and management of supplies, which are critical to successful, long-term intervention against diseases.

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Health workers will access patients' data through 96 machines like these.