Warning about counterfeit $20 bills circulating in San Ignacio

Beware of 'funny money' with DH76551 serial number!

Twenty five Belizeans have received scholarship awards Cayo police say that a number of fake $20 Belize notes are in circulation and the general public is being advised to be on the lookout for counterfeit notes which may all carry the serial number: DH764551.

Two reports of counterfeit currency surfaced in Belize last weekend in the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena.

Police say they have caught up with one suspect identified as 21-year-old Stanley Peters and are looking for another suspect, the son of a man known to them only as “Fat Boy the Fireman” of Santa Elena Town.

Police believe the suspect had at least 12 fake $20 notes in his possession when he and Peters went to buy some beer at Trickery’s Bar in Santa Elena Town on Tuesday, August 2.

Felisha Alvarez, 25, an employee of the bar, told police she only became aware of the fake money the following day.

She said she remembers when Peters and the other suspect bought the beer and Peters paid her with the $20 note. She said she gave him back $12.50 in change.

Judith Weins, 25, a cashier for Western Dairies Limited of Center Road in Spanish Lookout Village, also reported a fake $20 note with the same serial number: DH764551.

Weins told investigators she discovered the fake note while checking the day’s sale on Thursday, August 4.

According to Weins, the money she was checking was from one of the delivery trucks that had made some sales in Santa Elena and San Ignacio Town that day.

However neither the driver nor the salesman who made the transaction can recall who gave them the funny money.

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