from a friend....

Had a great conservationist monitoring trip to Turneffe yesterday with
a group of great Belizean journalists. We need to protect that atoll,
the only one left that has little or no control of development for
example and little or no rules/controls for catches. We need a reserve
or management zone or something. And you'll be hearing a lot more from

I took a lot of notes notes from this Mr Pott dude who is
the head of healthy reefs. This guy should be designated our marine
conservation CZAR. He's great. And he's Belizean.

In the past it was all foreign faces and foreign accents telling us in
a condescending way how to protect our environment. Now we have super
qualified and super articulate nationals doing it. We need to push
this guy forward. He was just on Yaya's show on KREM. I have not been
this impressed since I dont know when.

Maximum respect to the dude. I sleep better at night knowing there are
people as passionate as i am but in the position/job to make positive
change happen in our marine conservation life. I am nominating him for
reef czar, unreservedly.

Trevor Vernon