The Belize Police Department has received automated fingerprinting identification system. Love News spoke with public relations officer for the Ministry of Police and Public Safety, Raphael Martinez.

Raphael Martinez – Public Relations Officer, Ministry of Police and Public Safety “Several months ago courtesy of the Central American Regional Security Initiative, CARSI and the United States Government, Belize received six electronic fingerprinting scanning units. A unit will be assigned to the Police Station in each district and this will allow for the convenient taking of fingerprints in each district. Scenes of crimes and the Police Officer from each district have been trained in the use of this equipment. The Department has over 60,000 fingerprints which were taken manually over the past 14 years and these needed to be inputted into the database to facilitate quick comparative analysis. As part of this contract the company that supplied the equipment AFIX Technologies has sent four employees to Belize to assist the Police Department in inputting those 60,000 fingerprints this is through the use of high speed scanners and archiving system. What would take us about eight years to do this company has done in about two to three weeks time."



Belize's 60K Fingerprints Being Computerized

The Police Department has sixty thousand fingerprints collected over 40 years on file and now they are being entered into a massive computer database. It's an initiative sponsored by the US Government which has provided Belize with 6 electronic fingerprint scanning units.

One unit will be assigned to the main police station in each district and it will be used to take finger prints electronically. But the priority right now is on getting those tens of thousands on file and AFIX TECHNOLOGIES - which provides the equipment - has sent 4 employees to Belize to assist the Police Department in getting those into the system with high speed scanners.

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