From Vernon Wilson....

Someone broke into my house 2 days ago and stole 2 rods and my downriggers. . .. along with my TV and other things in the house.

Could you put the word out for me that if anyone sees my gear to report it to the police and to Holy Cross Anglican School.

All of the rods were rigged with braided lines and wind on leaders. the braided lines were Yellow on some and green on others.. All the wind on leaders were bright orange or yellow with 500 lb mono going to a unique swivel snap that I made it is a twist on snap so you do not have to open it to attach your lure. It looks a lot like a cork screw upside down. Also in the take were my Cannon Elect Digitrol down rigger and a manual Cannon down rigger. One hand held VHF radio.

The rest of the stuff in my house I do not really care about that went missing the tv etc.. The fishing gear is important to me and a reward will be given for it's return.

Best to contact Linda at the school 226-3456 .