Eileen Wiseman:

I had the opportunity to visit Camp Oakley (The Scout Camp) in Burrell Boom about 2 weeks ago. Because of
Daddy's connection to Scouting my grandson, who is a Scout, and his Mum were very interested in the movement
in Belize. This is Belize's Centennial Year and we were very fortunate to visit during their annual camp. We were
made to feel very welcome.
I was VERY impressed with what I saw. There were kids attending from every district except one. The troops are
formed through the primary schools. The Government has donated 100 acres to the Scouts a little past Burrell Boom.
The camp was spotlessly clean in spite of having 190 boys and girls there. There were obstacle courses, challenge
routes craft house and swimming ponds. The mood was very upbeat and all the kids looked very happy and well behaved.
We attended their spirit rally where Chad was recognized and the Commissioner told the Belizean Scouts a little about
Daddy and his involvement in Scouting in Belize.
Mr. Gilberto Riverol is the Commissioner and seems to really have his heart in Scouting. He is trying to revive the
organisation but said that most, if not all, of the records before 1981 have been lost. He is trying to gather as much
information as he can to compile a booklet. The picture used to advertise the Centennial was found in a water logged
office. The men in the photo have all been identified except one. Going from Left to right, one of the Panton Brothers:
? Mitchell (Travelling Scout Ambassodor from UK); Mr. Carol Cervantes; unknown; Daddy.
As a past Beizean Scout, if you have any information, stories or other information that you would like to share with
the current Scouts, please do so by sending it to:
[email protected]
I know it will be greatly appreciated.
A monetary donation would also be appreciated, I am sure.