...Out Of Necessity

Two of Belize's largest but struggling industries have formed an alliance to: quote: "advocate on matters of mutual interest and concern". The Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association and Citrus Growers Association announced today, in a joint press release, that the two have met to form what they call the Citrus-Sugar Cane strategic alliance. The CGA's CEO, Henry Anderson told Seven News today in a telephone interview, that the 2 giant industries face some of the same threats and challenges both at home and abroad, hence, the importance of forming such an alliance.

Henry Anderson, CEO, Citrus Growers Association
"The committee of management of the C. G. A. have been having some dialog with the counterpart, colleagues from the Belize Sugarcane farmers association and that crystalize into actually a meeting and coming out of that meeting was the decision taken to create a sugar/citrus alliance if you will. As we said in the press release, we have many areas of mutual of interest and concern, processing facilities for example, as C.G.A we have a majority share in the processing facilities in citrus, in the case of sugar, the sugarcane farmers association - they have an interest in getting equity in the processing facilities there. We have issues of plant health that we need to deal with and although its two different crops, you have areas that you can still coordinate and collaborate there. You are looking at fertilizer and agricultural pesticides and things like that, that if we work together to get bigger bulks and discounts, that we should be able to pass those down to our membership. Something for example, price formula, and our price formula is administrated to ensure proper accountability and transparency between the Grocer and the Producer and the various payments schemes that are possible there. Those are the things that although again is different industry you have certain principles that we could both - our experiences we could both share and learn from each other's. You have the whole ambit of legislation, the whole environment and industries that both association are working in is becoming far more dynamic. the whole impact on globalization. We have issues that present opportunities, but we also have some profound treats out there, and we - in discussing with each other we realize that we are able to work together to leverage some of these opportunities as well as coming together to stand up in place of some of the treats that we see."

Anderson stated that only by standing "Shoulder to Shoulder", will the two be able to effectively face and meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

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