Reminder of the clean-up campaign - SATURDAY, 27 AUGUST - starting at 8 AM.

There will be two Clean Teams - one meeting at the Bridge and working North; one meeting behind Capricorn and working south.
Each team will have a Town Board Truck accompanying it.

Clean-Teams meet their respective trucks at 8AM.
Scott Harnish will direct the Bridge Team.
Tammy Peterson will direct the Capricorn Team.
There will be a supply of drinking water in the team cart.

Bridge Team works heading North, Capricorn Team works heading south. Meet in the middle at Palapa bar for lunch, swim and re-hydration.

Town Board is sending two trucks and four staff.
Tony is donating the use of his backhoe.
BTB is sending 8 staff.
Other resorts, companies and individuals are pitching in.
The greater the number of volunteers, the more we can do in less time - and it will be FUN. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!!

Trash bags will be available from Tammy or Scott in advance of the initiative, and will be at each team-cart during the clean-up.

Please bring gloves if you have them.

MANY THANKS to the Town Board for mosquito fogging the road in advance of this initiative. The fogger went through yesterday, and will make another pass through the area early on Saturday, in advance of our clean-up work.

This is the beginning of a series of initiatives to make our neighborhood cleaner, safer and more beautiful.


For information on the Bridge Team - Scott Harnish - 610-4322
For information on the Capricorn Team - Tammy Peterson - 610-0226
Other information/co-ordination - Diane Campbell - 610-5118