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Police were able to detain two individuals involved with two separate incidents of crime in San Pedro over the weekend and earlier this week. The first incident occurred on Sunday August 21st. 32 year old Belizean Laborer of the Airstrip area address, Conroy Campbell reported to the police that around 3:30AM on the said date while he was at home, a group of men stormed into his house and assaulted him.

The first to enter was identified as Mark Elliot Frankel, Canadian national, who punched him in the face. Following this, a group of men stormed into his house; one of the men was identified as Dion Williams, who apparently knocked down his door and proceeded to beat him up. He visited the police station where a statement was taken and he was issued a medical form. His injuries were classified as harm.

The second incident occurred on Tuesday night (August 23). American national, Marc Boniface, 37 years old, visiting and staying at a resort of south of the island reported that while socializing at a popular nightclub, he was approached by a Canadian national along with a dark skin person. The dark skin person reported placed an object believed to have been a fire arm to his back and ordered him to escort them to the beach side. Here both individuals demanded that he give them $500.

Fearing for his life Mr. Boniface escorted the men to the nearest Belize Bank ATM where he withdrew the money and gave it to them. He later visited the San Pedro Police Station and made a report.

As a result of investigations, Marc Elliot Frankel and Dion Williams were jointly charged for the crime of robbery with a fire arm, and Burglary for the first incident involving the assault on Conroy Campbell. They both appeared at the San Pedro Magistrate’s Court on August 25th where they both pleaded not guilty to the charges. As the crime involved a fire arm, it is considered an indictable matter therefore both were remanded to the Hattieville Prison.

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