The Belize Defense Force today received a new Blue Bird bus from the United States Government. The bus was provided under the Foreign Military Financing Program. The vehicle was handed over this morning to the Belize Defense Force in a short ceremony at the Price Barracks in Ladyville. Making the presentation was Deputy Chief of mission at the US Embassy Margaret Horton.

Margaret Horton – Deputy Chief of Mission, USA Embassy
“The BDF is receiving a New Bird All American 44 passenger bus with support spares. This equipment is valued at US $136,975.00. The Foreign Military Financing Program is a progamme of grant assistance intending to support the modernization and maintenance of defence forces in partner countries with firm democratic traditions. This bus has been selected to provide a more efficient method of troop transportation allowing the BDF to improve its already high level of military support to the country. This cooperation and this work together is another example of how well we work together through partnership. I look forward to continuing our close relationship with the Belize Defence Force.”

The keys to the bus were handed to Minister of Defense Carlos Perdomo who in turn handed the keys to Commander of the BDF, General Dario Tapia.

General Dario Tapia – Commander, BDF
“When it rains then we can transport the troops in better comfort, they won’t get wet, especially those going on police duties. In addition we have a lot of requests to move around the band countrywide so this would be giving them a much more comfortable ride. We do parades countrywide as well, the regular force and sometimes we have to use several vehicles and that will curtail the amount vehicle we can use especially at a time when fuel price is high and then we can move almost the entire parade contingent on the bus. I would like to thank the United States Government and we need it especially in September, a lot of parades coming around and we have to go to Belmopan and so the bus can just come quite handy for us and so we looking forward to putting the bus in good use.”

The bus will be kept at the Price Barracks.