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The San Pedro High School PTA Executives is pleased to announce that the funds raised from the Miss San Pedro High pageant have been used to provide picnic tables and benches for the school campus. At this time 10 table/bench sets have been delivered to the school grounds and shall be painted and sealed in time for the orientation day. The table/bench sets were purchased from Pine Lumber at a cost of $370 each and were delivered at no charge to the Caribbean Queen. Alex Eiley of Caribbean Depot waived the shipping and delivery charges meaning the PTA saved $1,500. Many thanks to Mr. Eiley and Caribbean Depot. We hope that the tables and benches shall be utilized on a daily basis and if the need arises more shall be installed.

Funds were used to supplement the 2010/2011 SPHS CXC program as requested by the Principal of the High School. The PTA group invites parents to join the group and/or to contact us with your concerns, suggestions and recommendations.

A heartfelt depth of gratitude is made to Mrs Pamela Zetina who recently resigned from the PTA. Her enthusiasm and willingness to help in all situations shall be missed.

PTA Executive members contact:
Ernesto Gomez - tel: 610-2543
Flor Nunez - tel: 628-9699
Fatima Graniel - tel: 605-9738
Paulino Pineda - tel: 662-9260
Karina Morales - tel: 663-9021
Conchita Flota - tel: 631-2873
Ruby Azueta - tel: 226-2522
Amanda Syme - tel: 622 2820