But the bad news gets worst because according to the National Met Service, more thunderstorms are expected tonight and on Friday. Winds are blowing at about forty miles per hour, which is too forceful for the fragile banana trees to withstand. Forecaster, Michael Gentle told News Five today that multiple weather systems in the region are causing the intense storms.

Michael Gentle, Forecaster, National Met Service

Michael Gentle

“We have a combination of two systems. We have an area of low pressure on the Gulf of Mexico that formed on the tail end of a cold front. It’s unusual but a cold front moved over the Gulf of Mexico and we had an area of low pressure develop on the tail end of the front. Yesterday it developed into Tropical Storm Nate. This system has been pulling a southerly flow into the area and it has been tapping into the moisture from the eastern pacific ITCZ and pulling the moisture over our area. What’s been happening is showers and thunderstorms have been developing over Honduras and the southerly flow has been pulling the moisture and activity over our area during the night time and early morning hours. We’ve been seeing that during the day time as land areas heat up, we also get some thunderstorms develop over inland areas of Belize and Petén, Guatemala. So this has been occurring for the past two to three days and the thunderstorms have been intense at times. We notice that a low pressure of the tropical storm is not forecast to move much during the next couple days and then do a slow northward drift over the gulf. We also have an upper level system in place, an upper level trough that adds support to the activity and that’s the reason why thunderstorms have been so intense during the night time. The upper level feature causes the thunderstorms to grow to great vertical debt. When we get thunderstorms with these vertical debt then we get the gusty winds accompanied by the showers.”

The weather is expected to clear up for the holiday weekend.

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