Do you remember reading about TREASURE ISLAND, pirates and talking parrots. There are about 300 left in the American continent and they are found in Belize.

The species of talking, yellow headed parrot in Belize is on the decline. The range was once Southern Mexico, particularly the Yucatan and around the Northern Peten of Guatemala. Today, this species of yellow headed parrot are exceedingly rare. These are the parrots that learn to talk.

Belize has the only colonies of yellow headed parrot in all the the Americas. The Mexican parrots went extinct due to competition and development of their habitat. They are not even found in the Amazon. No head counts have been done, but wildlife specialists project the numbers around 300 birds. Which is more guesswork than anything. All the birds of this species can ONLY BE FOUND IN BELIZE.

Information received from NIKKI BUXTON, operator of the private aviary for BIRD RESCUE and VET treatments for injured birds. Someplace off the highway, up the Golf Course road in Roaring Creek, Belize. The British High Commission had a fund raiser she said, that enabled her to build the aviary. I just turned over an injured Green Parrot that fell into our yard yesterday, probably hit by an attacking HAWK. It had an injured wing and is now on it´s way to the VET, care of BIRD RESCUE HEROINE, Nikki. I´ve been encouraging NIKKI to write a GRANT and send it to PACT for funds.

Belize Bird Rescue is a bird sanctuary and a parrot rehabilitation center. Nikki, the English lady that is licensed and runs it, is a volunteer and pays for it out of her own pocket. She often has to struggle to cover costs. If you wish to donate to the BIRD RESCUE facility in Belize, you can mail to: Box 219, Belmopan, Belize.
The email is: [email protected], or
The center is run by Nikki Buxton and Jerry Larder. The operation is in a rural part of Belize, with an aviary, built by donations from a fund raiser from the British High Commission. A sort of diplomatic consulate in the capital.
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