28 Belizeans to be honored at Tribute of Belizean Patriots ceremony

Edward Laing

Twenty-eight Belizeans will be honored at the Tribute to Belizean Patriots ceremony on September fifteenth at the Bliss Center for Performing Arts in Belize City. The Order of Belize will be awarded posthumously to Edward Laing for his contributions to law. Laing is also a former diplomat and a judge on the International Tribunal for Law of the Sea. The Order of Distinction will be bestowed upon Paul Nabor for his contributions to culture and music and also to Lawrence Vernon for his contributions to the development of the Belize National Library Service.

Juana Terry

Fourteen women will receive meritorious awards and amongst them are: Juana Terry, Elda Vega, Deanna Nisbet, Lilian August, Olga Blades and Sister Therese. Eleven men will also receive the meritorious awards and the list includes: Former SJCJC headmaster, Father John Stochl, Belizario Carballo, Frederick Garcia, and Clifford Atkins. Each year during Independence the National Honours Awards Act allows for conference on persons who have rendered outstanding and meritorious service to Belize, or who have distinguished themselves in endeavours worthy of national recognition.

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