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#413980 - 08/16/11 09:06 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]  
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James Adderley’s Sports Monday montage

Good Evening, I’m James Adderley and this serving of Sports Monday.

After winning 5 straight outings against Belizean Teams, this visiting Alajuela Male Softball Team of Costa Rica took the pitch inside Roger’s Stadium on Saturday against the National Male Team to conclude the tour.

Team Belize takes the lead when Charles Solis pitching for Alajuela serves up this errant grounder that the catcher can’t handle so Densmore Edwards speeds home from 3rd to put up the 1st run. Rowland Patrick then hits to bring home another run as Belize takes a 2-zip lead. With 2 on, Shaquille Moody gets this swing past the infield to bring Godoy home from 3rd to make it 3-zip. We’re in the bottom of the 6th with 2 runners on when Keith Madrill’s long single brings them home to make it a 5-nil Belize lead.

Now let’s lead to Lord’s Bank where the Belize Bank Female Softball Competition staged its championship match yesterday between U.B. Lady Jaguars and Easy Does It of Flowers Bank. It’s Shandi Orellana on the mound undefeated for U.B. striking out Kathleen Rhaburn to end the top of the 1st inning scoreless. We’re in the top of the 2nd when Kendra Rhaburn comes up to bat with 2 runners on and she bits Orellana to bring home to bring home Ana Gillette and then Margaret Hendy come in to give Easy Does It a 2-1 lead.

In the bottom of the 2nd, U.B. busts this game wide open—Dion Baldwin’s allows Clarencia Jones to come up with a long fly ball that allows Jamilla Bradley to score from 3rd base. Ayanna Smith then comes up with a long single that brings 2 more runs in. The U.B. catcher Tamira Martinez places this ball out of the centerfielder’s reach as Ayanna Smith and Mertell Bailey score for the Jaguars. Pitcher Godoy then keeps his cause with this double that brings Medrill home. And after 6 innings, Belize is up 6-nil. The visitors finally get on the scoreboard in the top of the 7th when this roller from Juan Pablo Chinchilla allows the runner from 3rd to score. Silvio Galdarney then keeps this ball in play to give Costa Rica its 2nd round. Costa Rica would score 3 runs in top of the 6th, but it was not enough as Belize gets on to post the 9-4 big W.

Dion Baldwin then gets no defensive help at 1st base will allows Martinez to score. Shandi Orellano would shut down the East Does It offence after that and here she moves down Amber Wade. U.B. jaguars take the 2011 rural title in a convincing 13-2 blowout and we say congratulations to the new champ. There are not many teams in any sports that can boast an undefeated season so we say to the U.B. Lady Jaguars; when you big, you large.

In football news, Belize District female football competition kicked off at Ladyville yesterday with 3 matches. Island Stars and against Hattieville heats rallied to a scoreless draw. Millennium Girls mashed up Ladyville Orchids 6-nil while Ladyville Tornados blew away untouchables also in a 6-zip final score.

In news from the Belize City, the Champions Cup Finals got underway yesterday at the MCC Grounds. West Lake and FC Belize battled to a 2-2 stalemate. Game 2 comes up this Sunday, August 21st when the champion will emerge. On the undercard, Yabra will take on San Pedro in an under 15 match-up.

Jah Overall, I’m James Adderley.

#414514 - 08/23/11 08:05 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]  
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Sports Monday highlights and next International Football Match

Good evening, I am James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

It appears that the Football Federation of Belize and the Ministry of Sports have arrived at some sort of understanding and the relationship between the two is no longer one of total confrontation even as we speak. The F.F.B. is in full preparation mode to compete in the next round of the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers—a long way from the situation that existed in the opening round against Montserrat. By the way folks, the monster matchup between Belize and Guatemala on September 6th will be aired live right here on Channel 5.

In other football news, week 2 in the Belize District Female Football Competition saw the big clash between Hattieville heats and Ladyville orchids take center stage at Sandhill yesterday. In the early goings, it’s all Hattieville. So Jersha Estrada lets loose this right foot shot that bounces off the goal post. We’re some 10 minutes in when the Ladyville keeper, Karina Villanueva come out of her goal and misplays this ball. Jersha Estrada come up with possession and makes her pay as she smashes the ball into the net for a 1-zip Hattieville lead. Some 8 minutes later, Jersha Estrada works her magic again when she picks up this loose ball and out runs the orchids defense to smash one past Villanueva to double the lead for Hattieville.

Estrada then looks for the hat trick but this time she is denied by Villanueva. Make it 3-nil

Hattieville when Estrada turns provided for Irma Dyer who does enough to get it past the goalkeeper into the net. In 2nd half, the Heats should have come up with a 4th goal off this set piece but they come away empty. Meanwhile, the Ladyville orchids finally get some defense from off this spot kick triggered by Loida Contreras, but goalkeeper Marin of Hattieville takes care of business. Hattieville Heats would go on to post the 3-zip Big W!

In other action around the league, Island Starz out shone Tornados in a 2-1 final score, while Millennium doubled Sandhill Untouchables in a 4-2 affair.

Checking the basketball scene, we go in the decisive game 3 between CYDP and the Port of Belize in Friday night’s interoffice semifinals inside the civic center. And it’s Andrew Head Staine with the triple to extend the CYDP lead to 9 in the 2nd quarter. Staine would put up 16 pts in this one. Vince the Postman Estrada then somehow hits AC Augustine who goes glass for 2-AC would record 12 rebounds and 9 pts in this game 3.

At the halfway mark, CYDP boasts a 10 pt lead over Port. Down by 13 in the 3rd, the Port goes to neil Nicholson who should have gotten the deuce on his 1st chance but gets his rebound to make it good. Nicholson would put up 11 points tonight. Lennox Flush Bowman then hits this nice one hander in traffic for 2 of his team high 17 points. In the 4th, Angus Walla Cherrington deals to Flush Bowman who knocks down the long 3 writing a 15 point deficit to one. And then he gives Port its first lead with this baseline move. We’ve tried at 58 apiece take in the 4th when Andrew Staine finds Leon Mister Biggs Williams and he delivers the bucket. Meanwhile, this steal by Andrew Staine from Neil Nicholson really hurts the Port as Staine scores the easy 2. And then Staine seals the win for CYDOP with this left hand off the glass as CYDP sends the Port of Belize packing a 72-66 final score. In the nightcap must win match between Belize Bank and Alamilla’s Rupert Brown who hits the here stuck for a game high 20 points. As Belize Bank eliminated Alamilla’s 69 to 58. Thus the 5 game finals between Belize Bank and CYDP gets off this Friday night.

Turning to the softball scene, the 21st national Women’s Softball Championship gets off on Friday, August 26th and concludes on Sunday august 28th inside roger’s Stadium. The 6 teams making the big dance are Belize City Champion, Telemedia and sub-champion, Mirage Lady Rebels, Belize Rural Champ, UB Jaguars and runner up, Easy Does It. The defending National Champions and current Cayo Sistrcit Champs Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy and sub-champions Ontario Rebels. Mirage Lady rebels will face Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy in the opener on August 26th at 6:30 p.m. and in the nightcap, UB Jaguars take aim at Telemedia.

Jah Overall, I’m James Adderley.

Channel 5

#415119 - 08/30/11 08:30 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]  
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James “Jah Overall” Adderley’s Sports Monday Update

Good evening, I’m James Adderley and welcome to this issue of Sports Monday.

The 21st Women’s national Softball Championship raged inside Roger’s Stadium over the weekend as 6 teams battled to wear the crown in 2011 as the action got off on Saturday. However, by Sunday afternoon, only 2 remained standing under the double elimination format—namely arch rivals Telemedia and Mirage lady Rebels. The Rebels start with Lanisha Jones on the mound and we’re in the top of the 1st with one out and one on when Barbara Cadle doubles the outfield to bring in the 1st run of the ballgame. Meanwhile Mary Flowers gets off to a shaky start and is smacked hard by Marsha Cassasola but is bailed out by the score hands of Martha Rhys.

In the 2nd, Lanisha Jones gets busy as she gets Ruth Lamb to Pop up to share the Vernon. She strikes out Martha Rhys and then does the same to the Telemedia shortstop Elaine Humes. In the bottom of the 2nd, Mary Flowers leaves one hanging for Lisa Jones who is denied a hit by this fine catch from Lydia Cacho. Ashanti Anderson comes to bat for Lady Rebels in the bottom of 4th with Lisa Jones at 2nd and her long single brings the runner home to tie the score at 1 apiece. Telemedia breaks the tie when Kyla McFadzean hits this ball to Sharette Vernon only to see Sherette Jones fail to dig out the throw to first as Elaine Humes scores all the way from 1st for the 2-1 lead. In the top of the 6th, Telemedia’s Barbara Cadle hits this long fly which allows Norecia Frazier to score from 3rd base for the 3-1 lead.

We’re in the bottom of the 7th and its Lady Rebels trying to manufacture the tie, but Mary Flowers forces Shaleen Humphries to ground to 3rd baseman, Norecia Frazier whose throw to Erline Belisle at 1st is good for the out and Telemedia becomes the 2011 undefeated national Champions with the 3-1 score. And here is veteran catcher, Ruth Lamb receiving the team trophy and Sir Rudolph Anderson hail the man.

Amber Wade of Easy Does it won the stolen base award with 3. Norecia Frazer of Telemedia hit 2 homeruns to take home that award. Norecia also batted 11 runs to win the runs batted title, while Sherette Jones of Mirage lady rebels had a batting average .500 to lead the tournament. On the pitching side, Lanisha Jones of Lady Rebels had 11 strikeouts to win that category and Mary Flowers of Telemedia had the most wins with 4. New give it up for Norecia Frazier of Telemedia who walked away with the MVP award. We say congrats to one and all.

In cycling news, the annual Jerry “Ganzie” Jones Memorial race was staged yesterday by Gerald Garbutt presenting 3 different categories. Gregg Lovell of Santino was impressive winning the elite 68 mile race while Brandon Cattouse of C-Ray pulls up 2nd and Darnell Barrow of Sanitno’s takes 3rd in a field sprint. In the 10 Ml Mountain bike race, Andrew Ordonez of Horizon took top honors, Fred Usher of Kolbe took 2nd and Kenroy Gladden settled for 3rd. in the 10 mile weekend Warrior event, Vallan Syms of Horizon took 1st, Kenneth Butler of M&M finished 2nd and Wilbert Jones of F.T. Williams pulled up 3rd. In the 60 mile weekend warrior race, Rogue Matus of M&M grabbed the big Win, Barney Brown of F.T. Williams finished 2nd and Rey Catt took 3rd place.

Turning to the cricket scene, Lemonal was the scene on Saturday where Western Eagles were hoping to force a game 3 in the Belize national Cricket championship against Surprise. However Surprise came out sizzling. Chris Banner came up with 24 runs, while team captain Lawrence Banner had 21 runs. Edward Bull emerged the man of the match after taking our 6 wicket while landy Banner came up with 3. Surprise batted 154 runs while Western Eagles could only muster 67 runs all out. Thus for 2 years in a row, Surprise is National Cricket Champs and we say congratulations.

In basketball news, the interoffice 5 game championship kicked off Friday night inside the Civic Centre. We’re late in the 2nd quarter when Darwin Elijio deals to Andrew Head Staine who goes glass for 2, gets fouled but would miss the extra point as CYDP runs to 16 pts lead out Belize Bank Bulldogs. In the 3rd, Bulldogs roared back—Rupert Brown spots up for three and he knocks it down, he would put up 18 points tonight. Darwin Leslie who would contribute 15 points then slices to the glass for 2 and will get 3 the old fashion way as he knocks dow3n the freebie. This three point shot by Rupert Brown then gives the Bulldogs their first lead for the night as they take a 43-41 lead into the 4th quarter.

In overtime, the Belize Bank Bulldogs go on to post the 80-76 big W. In a game 1 on the undercard, a depleted Port of Belize was pounded 86 – 58 by Alamilla’s.

Finally in football news, the national A –team of Belize travels to Grenada tomorrow for its first match of the second round of the World Cup Qualifiers set for Friday, 2nd September, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, the Belize versus Guatemala match is set for Tuesday, four p.m. inside the F.F.B. football field and it will be aired live right here on Channel 5. We also must tell you that in female football played over the weekend, Millennium edged Island Stars 1-zip, Untouchables hurt Ladyville Orchids, 2-1 and Hattieville Heats stopped Tornados 3-2.

Jah overall, I’m James Adderley.

#415572 - 09/06/11 08:18 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]  
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James Adderley’s Earth-Shattering Sports Roundup

Good Evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 6th September, the National A Team of Belize will host its Guatemalan counterparts inside the FFB Field at Capital City, Belmopan in its second appearance of this round of the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers. Our Team goes in hype from Friday evening’s 3-zip win over Grenada on the road. While Guatemala comes in fresh off a 4-zip win at St. Vincent. In this group, Guatemala is ranked 113th by FIFA, Grenada is 118, Belize 148 and St. Vincent 158. It’s plain to see that the road to the next round for Belize leads through Guatemala. Tomorrow in a ballgame to be televised live on Channel 5. Belize must come up with a positive result to keep alive its hope of advancing because 2nd place will not be good enough. Of course win loose or draw, I’m a Belizean and I know you are too.

In other football news, the play in Belize District, the female football competition over the weekend saw Millennium cool down Hattieville Heats in a 4-1 blast. Tornadoes blew away Orchids 5-1 while Island Stars got the freebie from Untouchables who did not show up. Meanwhile, Kulture Yabra beat Lake 3-1 and then blanked Plaza 2-zip to win the 1st ever 40 and over tournament at the MCC Grounds yesterday. Plaza defeated Lake 6-nil to finish in 2nd place.

Now let’s get to the Barracks where the Lionman Triathlon took center stage yesterday. And in the 1.5 kilometer opening swim we find 3 athletes fighting to get the win as Dr. Ramon Figueroa puts on the after burners to grab that distinction. Next out is another veteran, Jim Scott, while young Eric Donis becomes the 3rd swimmer to exit the Caribbean Sea. All three swimmers are competing in the team relay today.

Jose Choto is 4th out of the water as he beats his archrival in the individual class. Kenroy Smoke Gladden who has improved his performance in the water. Of course, on the female side in both the individual class and the relay event is Belize’s premier female athlete Shalini Zabaneh is the first female to complete the first leg in order to transition to the bike. Meanwhile Giovanni Froggy Leslie is the first to complete 25 miles of biking but his team would not make it into the winner circle. Nevertheless, the 1st athlete in the individual class to finish the ride is former champ, Jose Choto and we see him putting on his sneakers for the final leg which features a 10 km run. Not far behind is Kenroy Gladden who knows that Jose Choto is the man to beat today.

And of course on the ladies side Shalini Zabaneh has quickly established herself as the undisputed front runner. Kevin Seroki si the first to compelte the course but he competes in the Team Relay. The man who would wear the 2011 Lionman title is Kenroy Gladden who gained all of 9 minutes over Jose Choto to win on on overall time of 2 hours 31 minutes flat.

Jose Choto settles for 2nd place this year with a total time of 2 hours 38 minutes. In the meantime, Magdalena Chubb fell victim to exhaustion going to the tape and we’re grateful that the organizers were prepared for this eventuality. Nevertheless on the female side, Shalini Zabaneh was superb grabbing the female title rather easily and in fact her total time of 2 hours 44 minutes 5 seconds was good enough for 3rd place.

Meanwhile, Kevin Seroki who along with Shalini Zabaneh and Brandon Cattouse comprise Team Sagitun crosses the line to give his team a total time of 2 hours 19 minutes 23 seconds which made the team the champion in the team relay. Team Spectrum Design consisting of Denise Diaz, Wilbert Jones and Louis Haulze took 2nd place with a time of 2 hoursm 25 minuites 16 seconds while C-Ray Bed Intentions with Kaya Cattouse, Eric Davis and Kent Gabourel settled for 3rd place with a time of 2 hours 29 minutes 32 seconds.

In cycling news, the Belize Cirty Council and Leslie’s Imports Criterium takes center stage this Sunday, September 11th 2011 through the streets of downtown Belize City. 5 Categories are offered and registration must be done with the Belize Cycling Association before Thursday September 8th.

Finally folks, game 3 of the Interoffice Basketball League unfolded Friday night inside the Civic Center. Belize Bank Bulldogs got a fame high 14 points from Macaro Augustine and 12 from Rupert Brown to knock off CYDP in 53-47 finish. For CYDP, Andrew Staine put up 13 points and Marcel Orosco added 10 in the loss. Thus with 2 wins and a loss the Belize Bank can close out the 5 game Championship series this Friday night at the Civic Centre.

Jah overall, I’m James Adderley.

Channel 5

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Sports Monday with James “Jah Over All” Adderley

Good Evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

The 2nd Annual Belize City Council and Leslie’s Imports September Belize City Criterium took to the streets of the Metropolis yesterday as a part of the National Celebrations program and we are at the start of the 35 mile elite race staged on the Albert Street – Regent Street circuit. 33 riders are suited up in this class and we’re underway as 35 laps of the criterium begin.

In the early going, Marlon Castillo decides to demonstrate his prowess as he opts for a solo flight. A couple laps later it’s still Marlon Castillo on the pace, but a chase group led by Brandon Cattouse and the C-Ray team has mounted a concerted effort to reel him in. Late in the race, the chase group dwindles to Brandon Cattouse, Chris McNish, Jeovaun Leslie and Tariq Cano. Meanwhile some 23 riders in this bunch are trying to complete the cross over to the chase 4.

Folks, for the 1st time in a criterium that I can remember a rider goes wire to wire as Marlon Castillo again riding for Santino’s re-establishes himself as the strongest in the business crossing the finish line unchallenged to win the race in 1 hour 18 minutes flat. U-23 rider, Tariq Cano of team Indeco takes 2nd two minutes 15 seconds and almost a lap later in uncontested fashion. And then Brandon Cattouse of C-Ray beats Chris McNish of Benny’s Megabytes and Jeovaun Leslie of SAntino’s to round out the top 5.

In the juniors and youth class, Oscar Quiros of Cayo Uprising grabbed the big W easily as he dresses to win. Riss Cattouse of C-Ray takes 2nd—52 seconds later by out-sprinting Steven Casteneda, Zahir Figueroa—both of Cayo Uprising—while Joslyn Chavarria of Clear the Land rounds out yjr top 5.

On the ladies side, Shalini Zabaneh continues her dominance in female cycling winning the 15 mile race in 40 minutes 43 seconds after facing a strong challenge from Patricia Chavarria of Benny’s Megabytes who took second. Kirah Eiley of Smooth Sailing pulled up 3rd with Kaya Cattouse rounding out the top 4.

In the BTL Youth Development Program 4 Mile race, Kory Ingram takes the top spot while Delawn Abraham finished 2nd and Keron Faber 3rd. Meanwhile Tragan Humes won the BTL 2 miler with Clifford Dortch 2nd and Jamal Hyde 3rd.

In news from the Commonwealth Youth Games at the Isle of Man, Joel Borland finished 34th in the 45 miles time trial event with an average speed of 24.7 miles per hour and Juan Umana 39th with his average speed of 23.4 miles per hour. Belize placed 12 in the team time trial with a time of 22.2 miles per hour. In the 61.1 mile road race, Joel Borland gave Belize its best finish at 31st. in the criterium ride, Joel Borland finished 21st.

Turning to the basketball scene; we take you to the civic centre for game 4 of the Interoffice Basketball Championship with CYDP needing a win to force a decisive game 5 against the favorite Belize Bank Bulldogs. From the opening buzzer, CYDP demonstrated its determination as Andrew Staine penetrated the heart of Belize Bank’s defense to open the scoring with 2 of his 11 game points. Meanwhile Marcel Orosco is on top of things tonight as he strikes for 3 in his first shot attempt. Marcel would lead his team with 17 points. It’s all CYDP until Rupert Brown strips Staine and goes all the way for 2 of his game high 18 points. No other Bulldog would put up double digit scoring tonight. At the end of the 1st quarter, CYDP boats a 22 to 14 lead.

In the 2nd, CYDP extends the lead. Jermaine Tillett inbounds to Staine and he gets 2 more. Jacob Leslie spots up for the long deuce and hits it—he would put up 16 points tonight. Marcel Orosco then knocks down the triple and at the half and CYDP is up by 19 points.

We fast forward to the 4th and its still CYDP running away with this one as Justin Wade pulls up for 2. CYDP goes on to blow-out the Belize Bank Bulldogs in a 72 to 54 final score. Thus the decisive game 5 is set for this Friday night at the civic.

Jah Over All, I’m James Adderley.

Channel 5

#416653 - 09/20/11 08:43 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]  
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Sports Monday with Heavy Weight James Adderley

Good Evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

Stop the press, Shalini ZAbaneh in her first trip to the Caribbean Cycling Championship has struck for gold in the Women Elite Road Race staged yesterday at Jamaica. In a 7 woman sprint, Shalini burned the field completing the 6 laps, 43.2 mile ride in 2 hours 3.5 minutes to step into the winners circle. In addition, the Belizean cyclist took the bronze in the 12 mile women time trial course. After dominating the female cycling scene in the Jewel, Shalini has given notice to the Caribbean and we say congratulations. Roger Troyer competed in the men’s 72 mile road race, but did not finish.

Now in boozing news, a Guatemalan boxing team of 6 took on the Leopold Smart Boxing Gym inside the Princess Hotel Saturday night and won the series 3-2 with one fight being declared a technical draw because of a low blow. Nuff respect must be given to Sherman Galvez who forced a referee stoppage in the 2nd round of his battle with Sanabria and give it up for Alex Neal who made amends for his last outing by stopping Carlos Tellos in the 2nd round. Leopold Smart Boxing Gym gives thanks to the sponsor Telemedia and to the supporters who attended the fight. We’ll do it again soon.

Now let’s head to the Civic Centre for Friday night decisive Game 5 in the Interoffice Basketball Championship series. Down by 6 in the 2nd quarter, the Belize Bank stops the bleeding when Macaro Augustine comes with the put back for 2 of his 6 game points. At the other end, CYDP’s Marcel Orosco rises up for three to keep the pressure on. He would put up 9 points tonight. In the closing seconds of the quarter, Darwin Leslie comes up with this loose ball and gets 2 of his game high 35 points to cut the deficit to 4 points. At the half, CYDP leads 30 to 26. In the 3rd, Darwin Leslie stays hot but as he knocks down the 3 pointer to tie the ballgame at 34 apiece. It’s brother against brother so Jacob Leslie fires back with this big time 3 point shot. He would lead CYDP with 18 points. We’re in the 4th when Rupert Brown threads the needle to Darwin Leslie who delivers. Down by 8 points, CYDP Leon Williams stays with this play until he gets the bucket Mr. Biggs would finish with 10 points tonight. Andrew Staine then comes into the ballgame to help his team close the gap and he lays up 2 of his 13 game points. In the waning moments of the ballgame, Andrew Staine sinks this three to cut CYDP’s deficit to 2 – it wasn’t enough as the Belize Bank Bulldogs hang on to the 68-65 big W to claim the 2011 Interoffice title. Darwin Leslie who totaled 35 points, 4 assists and 5 steals in Game 5 emerged with MVP honors.

Turning to the track and field scene, for the 1st time in our history people so many turned out for the annual 5K and 10K marathon staged on Saturday.

It appears the Belize City Council’s involvement in running for health is now reaping huge dividends. And here is the start of the 5K marathon on Regent Street and you can bet your bottom dollar that’s a large number of participants. In fact even Mayor Moya suited up for the event and here is the start of the 10K run. Leon O’brien won the men’s 10K and we say good show. Kenrick Duncan took 2nd place while Jesus Mai pulled up 3rd. on the woman’s side; Shannon White took the number 1 spot, Janice Usher steps up to 2nd place while Tasmeen Tewogbola took 3rd place in the 10K. Meanwhile Denroy Nembhard emerged victor in the 5K run. Wilhem Leslie receives his medal for 2nd place Hance Card takes home 3rd. In the woman 5K it was all Carr’s in the winners’ circle. Ashantie Carr takes 1st place and we say congratulations. In fact, here they are together, Ashantie Carr, Ajahni Carr and Ashantie Carr who finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd in woman’s 5K. And we must say the new Belize amateur athletics Association and the Belize City Council has done a remarkable job in getting our people to run. Congrats.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

Channel 5

#417726 - 10/04/11 07:51 AM Re: James Adderley’s weekly sports update [Re: Short]  
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Sports Monday with Legendary Guru, James Adderley

James Adderley

Good Evening, I’m James Adderley and here’s the sporting news.

The National Football Team of Belize will make a home stand at the F.F.B. Stadium this Friday, October 7th at 3:30 p.m. against Grenada whom they defeated 3-1 in the away game last month. Going in, Belize finds itself in 2nd place with 3 points after losing 2-1 to Guatemala. In this group, Guatemala leads with 6 points from 2 wins, Belize has 3, so does St. Vincent as both have won 1 and lost 1 while Grenada remains in the cellar with 0 points from 2 outings. The group winner advances to the next round of FIFA’s World Cup Qualifiers so Belize must win this Friday to stay within striking distance.

In the meantime, a new premier ball league which will produce the players to represent Belize in FIFA play and will be affiliated to the F.F.B. is being formed after last week’s meeting between the Ministry of Sports, 2 FIFA Representatives, the F.F.B. and other interested football organizations. Election of officers for this top league will be held on the 28th of October so stay tuned.

Now let’s head to Sandhill where the Belize District Female Football Competition staged week 6 by presenting 3 matches despite the terrible conditions that existed. To the monsoon rains affected the event, but at least the pitch should have been moved. Nevertheless, the opening match finds Ladyville Tornados in action against Caye Caulker and we’re in the very 1st minute of play when Claudia Martinez leads this attack for Ladyville only to be taken down by Maribel Dominguez for which the referee rules penalty.

Up steps Marcelina Mai and Maribel Dominguez in goal for Caye Caulker doesn’t stand a chance as the Ladyville team goes up 1-zip. A couple minutes later, this outside shot from Bailey should have scored but Dominguez rescued by the sorry conditions inside the goal. It’s another face off between Bailey and Dominguez on this press and this time the goalkeeper helps herself. At the other end, Lilian Joseph fires this right foot shot that hits the near upright and then is dug out by Sherrie Gillette and at the half, it’s still a 1-zip Ladyville lead. We’re in the 2nd half when Lilian Joseph fires this shot in search of the equalizer only to see it inch outside the sticks. Ladyville Tornados double their lead when the defensive error gives Natasha Young this chance which she converts to get on to the scoreboard.

Now keep your eyes on this corner kick; Natasha Young keeps it alive to Julie McCord who makes it a 3-zip ballgame. McCord then gets this one on one look for a 2nd goal but she seems to have been caught between 2 decisions. Still Ladyville Jaguars go on to post the 3-zip Big W.

Meanwhile, Game 2 finds Hattieville Heats in action against Ladyville Orchids and we’re only 10 minutes in when Jersha Estrada forces one through the legs of Esperanza Pakeman to give Hattieville the 1-zip lead. 15 minutes later Felecia Gillette mounts this individual effort to punch the pill past Pakeman as the Heats double their lead. Make it 3-zip when Lauren Stevens fires this spotkick that Pakeman should have handled – instead it tangles inside the net. In early 2nd half play, Sylvanna Barrow concedes a penalty by taking down Karina Viamil inside the 18. Lloyda Contreras steps up to get Ladyville Orchids on to the scoreboard only to be denied by the Ladyville keeper. Kelsey Pou then commits this hardball inside the bottom and again it’s penalty kick for the Orchids. Again it’s Lloyda Contreras up for the mconversion and again she scores to make it a 3-1 ballgame. However, this defensive error by Shakira Clarke gives Ashiya Gordon a look at goal and she gives Hattieville a 4-1 lead. Felicia Gillette then comes up with her 2nd goal of the match off this corner kick as Hattieville Heats burn Ladyville Orchids 5 to 1. In the final match on the schedule, Millennium routed Sandhill Untouchables in a 10-zip blast. The competition now moves to Hattieville for this Sunday with Millennium facing Island Stars, Ladyville Orchids take on Untouchables and Hattieville Heats will host Ladyville Tornados.

Checking the over 40 football scenes at the MCC Grounds yesterday’s action saw Plaza edge Creative Tiles 4-3 while Kulture Yabra blanked Survival 6-nil.

In cycling news, here’s the sprint to the tape in the 38 mile weekend Warrior Race that finished inside Camalote and it’s all Cayo Rental in the spotlight. Frank Burns takes the event in 1 hour 52 minutes 30 seconds, Jose Moguel in 2nd, Geoffrey Waight 3rd, Philip Burns 4th and here comes George Abraham of FT Williams to round out the top 5. Dean Boyce finished 6th overall and 1st in C-Class.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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Sports Tuesday with the multifaceted James Adderley

Good Evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

Much has been said about Friday’s disaster inside the FFB Stadium where an over-confident Belize National Football Selection was unceremoniously knocked off its high horse by a 4-1 blast from their Grenadian counterpart – a team they had blanked 3-zip in the away game of this 2-game series inside the 20145 FIFA World Cup qualifier. Added to the bad attitude was the soggy pitch inside the FFB Stadium – a result from the torrential downpour – and it quickly became obvious that the local team was unable to perform properly in a mud and water affair. We must also take into account that Team Grenada had strengthened up its lineup and more importantly was extremely focused on avenging the 3-zip defeat.

Belize 1st threat and goal comes some 25 minutes in when Danny Jimenez tries to link up with Deon McCauley but Josh Charles comes up with a timely intervention. Again Belize looks potent with Jimenez who centers to Kafu Roches who heads to Deon McCauley, but the striker could not keep the launch down. Meanwhile, on the next press, McCauley does everything right in search for a goal only to be denied by Josh Charles. Folks we’re some 42 minutes in when Shane gets this shot off despite being surrounded by 3 blue shirts and the right foot launch surprisingly beats Shane Orio as Grenada takes a 1-zip lead. Just before the half expires, Ian Gaynair gofts this ball to Marcus Julien in front of the Belize goal and his right away shot easily beats Orio for the 2-zip lead. On a soggy field, you don’t pass inside the box.

5 minutes into the 2nd half, Craig Rocastle finds Lancaster Joseph off this set piece and Joseph takes advantage of poor marking inside the 18 to nod the ball in for the 3-zip Grenada lead. Down by 3, the Belize team lost its composure and normally Kafu Roches would have converted this chance but today everything is working against us. Kafu then tries to make amends with monster launch only to see Josh Charles come up with the best save of the match. Our team continues to press for a goal as Deon McCauley fires this left foot bomb that crashes offt he crossbar as the drought continues. Folks, goal number 4 by Grenada simply adds insult to injury – Dalton Eiley should have come up with the block but even worse the save; however, Clive Murray’s left foot squeeze make it a 4-nil showing. Immediately the fans start abandoning the stadium and if I could have left, I would have too. In the waning minute of the ballgame, Ryan Simpson off the bench triggers this grass head burner that beats Josh Charles as Belize gets the consolation goal in the 4-1 loss.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow especially after the high expectation the nation had going into this match. Nevertheless, our team had no time to lick their wounds as they took the bus Saturday morning headed to Guatemala City for tonight’s matchup with Guatemala. People we might have lost the most important moment in our quest to reach the World Stage.

In other football news, play in the Belize District Female Football League saw Sherry Tracey come up with a pair of goals and Christina Joseph added another as Millennium rolled our Island Stars 3-1. The Island’s only goal came from the boots of Lilian Joseph. meanwhile in Game 2, Loida Contreras led Ladyville Orchids to its 1st win; scoring the only goal of the match to beat Untouchables 1-zip. And then Hattieville Heats and Ladyville Tornados battled to a 1-1 tie. Ashlyn Gordon scored for the Heats while Marcelina Mai hit for Tornados.

In cycling news, the BCA presented the 7th Orange Walk Bypass Criterium yesterday and the visiting Depredadores Team from Mexico swept the top 3 spots with Hector Rangul, Carlos Hernandez and Eduardo Lada finishing in that order. Jose Choto of Western Spirit was the 1st Belizean to finish grabbing 4th in 1 minute 36 seconds off the pace. Big Mighty Lewis took the Master Class with Barney Brown 2nd and Ritchie Halton rounds out the top 3. Oscar Quiros of Cayo Uprising took the Junior and Youth Class with teammate, Juan Umana 2nd and Johnny Quintal of Depredadores took 3rd place. In the Tim Mites Class, Michael Escobar grabbed the Win with Geron Lovell and Cory Rodriguez finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively. The Belize Cycling Association reminds the cycling community that the Sagitun Classic is set for November 13th, 2011.

In other cycling news, the veterans in the Weekend Warriors staged two events at Punta Gorda over the weekend sponsored by BWEL. Floyd Williams took Saturdays 30 mile Criterium in 1 hour 25 minutes 27 seconds with George Abraham 2nd while Orin Jones rounds out the top 3 from among 12 riders. Dean Boyce finished 4th. We mention Boyce because on Sunday this C Class rider controlled the pace in the road race from Tide Belize to Big Falls and back – a distance of 39 miles. Here he ius being trailed by Chris Romero and George Abraham. George Abraham then opted for a solo flight but here is Boyce reeling him in. It’s a 3 man race to the tape, but Boyce steps out to take the ride in 1 hour, 52 minutes 55 seconds with George Abraham finishing 2nd and Chris Romero 3rd. 14 riders took part.

Finally in table tennis news, play in the Brothers Habet Team League on Saturday saw Rivero’s Welders crush Luz 5-2. Hurricane blanked Suga City 5-zip and Racqueteers mashed up No Mercy by that same score all in 1 divisional play. In 2nd divisional action, Garage H 2 handles Turds in 5-zip finish while BDF Spin Kings edged Fantastic Four, 5-4.

Jah Over All, I’m James Adderley.

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New Angles in Sports Broadcasting with James Adderley

James Adderley

The National Male Football Team can only be described as over achievers after posting a record 3 wins, 3 losses so far in the 2014 World Cup Qualifiers. In fact, it is absolutely amazing how the nation has raised its expectations this time around. However, as far as the team goes, very little has changed. The F.F.B. continues to be the only source of sponsorship and it has become obvious that mush more financing is needed if we are to reach world class status. As a people, we must come together to support our players who are doing the best they can under these circumstances. Both the government and the private sector must join with the football federation to push our team to the next level. But football success is not cheap and it does not happen by accident. With Belize obviously not making it to the next round, it’s time for us to come up with concrete plans for the 2018 World Cup. In the meantime, Belize concludes play in the 1st round with 2 matches against St. Vincent that comes up on November 11th and 18th.

In other football news, we took in yesterday over 40 football at the MCC grounds as Plaza hosted Survivors. We’re some 21 minutes in when Norman Bommel braces Shadrick Gentle and then deals to Stanley Reneau who easily beats Bernard as Plaza takes a 1-zip lead. Plaza gets the chance to double the lead when Limbo Velasquez pushes this right foot at goal but this time Bernard O’gay is well positioned. A few minutes later, Limbo Velasquez exacts a sweet revenge with this right foot pinch that gives Plaza a 2-zip lead.

Midway through the 2nd half, Gentle hands the ball inside the 18 and the referee rules penalty. Up steps Larry Flowers for the conversion but is denied but goalkeeper O’gay who might not have known much about it. However, when Hazart Rowland tries to head to his keeper on this particular play, O’gay can’t come up with the possession which leads to the dreaded auto-goal for the 3-zip Plaza lead. Nevertheless, this corner kick by Survivors leads to a defensive hand ball that brings a penalty kick. The old veteran, Fabian Rivero, former teammate of mine, steps up and he easily beats Valentine Ferguson to get Survivors on the scoreboard in the 3-1 final score.

In track and field news, the expulsion of President Ian Gray from the Belize Amateur Athletics Association Saturday in a Special General Meeting at the Sylvestre Memorial Center came a shock to the nation especially with travel plans to the Pan Am Games at Mexico already set. Here is interim President, Deon Sutherland with the details

Deon Sutherland

Deon Sutherland, Interim President, BAAA

“We have been having some problems over the past twelve months with Mister Gray’s activities. The straw the broke the camel’s back was the selection of the Pan Am Athletes and officials and we decided as the managing committee that we must do something about that. The athletes when they heard about the selection they called us and said look; the coach that has been selected is not our senior coach and he has not worked with us over the months to prepare us for the Pan Am Games and we have a problem with that. We met with the athletes and they decided they want the original coach, Mister Fred Evans. We put that to Mister Gray and he was adamant that his selection is final and the athletes had no say on that.”

Kay-De Vaughn

Kay-De Vaughn, Athlete

“I will be competing in the triple jump. I expect to do really well; I’ve been training from last October for this event so I’m very excited. I am hoping for a P.R. and to even qualify for the finals. My personal best is 12.11 meters so I am hoping to jump anything above that. But I think 12.30 will definitely put me where I want to be. And I hopefully could be bringing home a medal.”

Tricia Flores, Athlete

Tricia Flores

“My record for the long jump is 5.97 meters and I’m hoping to jump over 6 meters which will also be a national record. So I’m hoping to do that at the games. I put in a lot of practice at the track and at the gym. I work very high in trying to jump as far as possible. In terms of medaling, I’m not quite sure about that, but I believe if I get a 6 meters jump, hopefully I can get a medal.”

Finally, the 2011 Brother’s Habet Team League of Table Tennis continues to roll inside the BES Auditorium. In fast and furious action yesterday, first division play saw Hurricane edge Luz in a sizzling 5-4 final score. And then Garage beat Hurricane 5-3. In 2nd division, Tallawah smashed Terminators 5-2, Fantastic Four crushed Jet Amp 5-1, Tallawah then made it 2 wins by thumping Turds 5-zip, B.D.F. Spin King prevcailed over Jet Amps 5-2, Fantastic Four dazzles Terminators 5-3 and Garage #2 burned BDF Spin King 5-4.

By the way folks, the date for the Sagitun Cycling Classic as presented by the BCA is now set for 27th November, 2011 at Independence. So stay tuned.

Jah Over all, I’m James Adderley.

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Sports Monday with James Adderley

James Adderley

Good Evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.

The 3rd Annual Day of Races as presented by the UWI Open Campus yesterday reigned supreme on Marine Parade in what has become a fixture on the BCA’s calendar. Lining up for the main event in the Elite and U-23 class are 23 of Belize’s finest as they roll out for the 20 mile criterium ride that features a mile per lap. This 3 man crew of Marlon Castillo, David Henderson and Gregory Lovell quickly takes command of the pace and do make it stick at around 22.43 mph. However, when the spring to the tape comes up, controversy rears its ugly head. To your right, Lovell attacks from the outside but cuts across the lane being occupied by David Henderson. It’s an infringement of the rules of the game for which he is disqualified. David Henderson of Team Indeco takes the Win in 53 mins 29 secs while Marlon Castillo of Santino’s moves up to 2nd place. Allen Castillo of Indeco rolls in uncontested for 3rd place 28 secs off the pace. Jeovain Leslie of Santino’s who for a time was in the lead pulls up for 4th 59 seconds behind the winner. While Geon Hanson of Indeco round out the top 5.

In the Junior 10 mile race that features 17 riders, the finish finds a head on collision between Austin Armstrong and Aiden Juan. Armstrong of D&D Consultancy edges Juan of Cayo High Road for the W with both clocked at 78 mins 50 secs. Adrian Lineras of Cayo High Road pulls up unchallenged for 3rd place. The veteran Preston Martinez had a good outing in 10 mile Masters Class that featured 14 riders—winning the 6 man sprint easily after setting a time of 28 mins 17 secs. He forces Ernest Meighan of Santino’s into 2nd while Robert Stewart grabs 3rd place.

Riding unattached Patricia Chavarria takes the women’s 10 miles in 33:28 while Kirah Eiley grabs 2nd place 12 seconds later. Meanwhile, Zahir Figueroa of Sacred Heart High proves a cut above the rest in the 10 mile race for High School males grabbing the Win in 14:06. 17 seconds later the 3 man sprint for 2nd palce ensues and its Delawn Abraham of Canaan edging out Brandon Morgan and Gian Zetina in that order.

Maria Bennet of Georgeville Primary proved too much for her challengers in the half mile ride as she takes the event in 1:17. Paulita Chavarria of Sacred Heart High finishes 2nd and for a 2nd year in a row, Dyanne Cleland gets into the winner’s circle with a 3rd place finish. In the meantime, her brother, Charleston Cleland repeats as champion in the primary schools male ½ mile race with a time of 2:22. Darien Anderson of Anglican Cathedral High pulls up 2nd. David Versus rounds out the top 3. Folks we take this opportunity to give kudos to Misses Jane Bennett of UWI Open Campus for this novel idea of weaving competitive cycling at all levels into the University picture. You see if you don’t have dreams they can’t come true.

In other cycling news, the 7th Annual Sagitun Banana Classic is set for 27th November in the 3 major categories. This race brings with it over $15,000 in prizes. The technical meeting will be held on Thursday, 24th November, 7 p.m. at the NOC Conference Room after the technical meeting or at the start of the race.

In karate news, the House of Shotokan Karate Championship was staged Saturday at the BES Auditorium and the mixed martial arts content proved to be entertaining. Folks this is the battle for the Championship and black belt, Fernando Salam of the Southern Shotokan Academy in Dangriga wastes no time to establish his presence. His opponent, Eddermys Sanchez responds with this wicked take down but Salam quickly reverses the hold until the umpire intervenes. In the end, Salam is just too strong and his technique much too disciplined for Sanchez. A heavy breathing Salam gets his hand raised as champion while Sanchez settles for the runner up spot. Nevertheless Eddermys Sanchez came up with the roughest move of the tournament in his battle to get into the finals as he puts this cruel move on Vry Aamino of Mexico. In the battle for the 14-16 years karate title, this move by Deon Lewis hust his chances to claim the championship as Martin Sylvestre moves in to land a left foot to his opponent’s jaw. Sylvestre gets the win and we say congratulations. Other winners include: Nathan Sharp who got the nod over Emiliano Ruedas. London Cocom got the title over Ethan Santos in the 7-9 years old class. While Angelean Paredes picked up the female 6-7 years old title in a close fight with Xaria Cleland.

In football news, Smart Millenium picked up its 8th straight win in the Belize District Female Football Competition yesterday with a 1-zip win over Tornadoes. Hattieville stepped up to 2nd place with 1-zip blast on Untouchables while Island Stars kept pace with a 5-zip drubbing of Ladyville Orchids. In news from Dangriga, the B.T.L. Male U-15 finals staged over the weekend saw DYFA bomb Southside 2-zip to emerge the champions. In the earlier match, Pomona grabbed 3rd place by sinking Santa Martha 3-zip. Meanwhile, the female title will be decided this weekend when Benguche takes on Pumas.

Jah over all, I’m James Adderley.

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