Banana growers in South Stann Creek continue to clear plantations from fallen trees following at least three nights of heavy winds and rains last week. In a quick response to the situation, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Rene Montero and the CEO in the Ministry, Gabino Canto visited the plantations on Thursday last week and met with the growers. Both officials committed to seek funds through the Social Security Board and the Development Finance Cooperation. On Friday, representatives of the DFC also visited the plantations and met with the growers. General Manager of the BGA says that the DFC has agreed to lend funds to the growers, but has not stated how much finance will be loaned. The DFC will be holing a board meeting this week to finalize the details. Members of the BGA will also be meeting today with representatives of the Ministries of Agriculture and Economic Development to further discuss financial assistance for the growers. In the meantime, growers continue to clean up, replant and harvest the fruit that can be salvaged following the damages last week.