Dear Editor,

It is not a secret that those who control the economy of Belize are the Royal Creoles. That is or was a privilege which was given to them by their forefathers. Their forefathers, the British Caucasion race called Baymen, got their wealth as a gift directly from God’s hands.

God had signed a document giving them this place called Belize. A copy of the document can be found at the archives of Belize, Jamaica and England: the original is in heaven. I got to know about this by an e-mail sent to me through the Cosmic Internet, and I was commanded by St. Peter not to show this electronic document I received, or else I’ll be burning in hell for eternity.

So … boy, this thing nice, you should try it. The Royal Creoles, colonial apologists of Belize, had achieved their goal, that their doctrine had become official, and with that they celebrate their (fictionalized?) “Battle of St. George’s Caye.”

To criticize them for what they believe is not correct. In Belize we want to be tolerant of the ideologies of all. But when an academic educational system closes its intellect to an account of no substance, that only proves to the world their mediocrity in accepting a proposition assumed to be true without proof, which results in narrow-minded and inadequate teaching or realities.

The impoverishment, and negligence of the literary history of Belize from those elite dominant classes who had imposed and controlled the supposed theory of a propaganda without a serious revision of the fundamental basis, had produced the limitations and with that, the corrupt outlined discipline had kept from dying out.

The Royal Creoles had embraced the literary books of Emory King as a fact, which is convenient to their doctrine. But Emory King was clear in the introduction of his book, “The Road to Glory: The Battle of St. George’s Caye.” He stated that: “I am not a qualified historian… I am an entertainer and a propagandist. The object of my propaganda…”

Here Emory King is giving us to understand that the objective of his propaganda was to promote the Royal Creoles-Baymen Clan’s doctrine, (no wonder his works cannot be found up North), and there is nothing wrong with that: it is like any other religion or ideology. We also have the liberty to accept it or not. Except for the Belize educational system, they must accept it.

As an entertainer through his literary works, it’s up to whosoever enjoys it or not. Nonetheless, neither he nor the Royal Creoles’ doctrine has the absolute truth. Unfortunately, the controlled power of the economy imposed their doctrine on the educational system so as to comply with their historic conception of domination, or you stay out of their blessings.

The historical fact of a Maya World does not exist in the minds of these elite intellectuals. To them, the Maya people of today are not descendants of those who once lived here. And the descendants of the Black Africans who live in poor and poverty levels are not of their racial genes, except for one or two who come from renowned surnames, but for some reason got poor.

The indoctrinated ones of their doctrine and the impoverished ones do not enter the “select elite circle” of the Royal Creoles: they are used only when it is necessary. When it comes to the political structure, they all must bow their heads to that “select elite circle,” or else…

A nation which is built on fiction and discrimination won’t last too long. Our system is based on a continuation of colonialism which those from that “select elite circle” dominate, and unfortunately, they are spread out into the two major political parties which have become to be one group of absolutes.

The absolute truth of the “Battle of St. George’s Caye” lies only in the imagination of the humorist British Governor Burdon, who wrote his Almanac in 1931, one hundred and thirty three (133) years after the event.

But since it was from a man of British race (Hy O Hitler), made in the image of God Himself or Herself, makes his words the absolute truth. And their sperm was introduced by the Holy Spirit into the womb of these unknown sub-human Black and Maya women as a loving gift from the superior being, so as to bless those that were born, who became the puritans of the “Select Elite circle” within the PUDP.

Clinton Uh Luna
September 5, 2011
Finca Solana
Corozal Town

(Ed. NOTE: This is rough stuff from Clinton Uh, and does not represent our editorial opinion. We have respect for the fact that Clinton Uh signs his name, thereby inviting response from those with contrary opinions.)