Residents of Boom Creek Village in the Toledo District are concerned about the bad conditions of the road leading to the village.

Paul Mahung reporting...
“The unpaved road leading to Boom Creek Village spans some seven miles from Punta Gorda to the village located on the banks of the Moho River. With rainy weather conditions, the road becomes impossible to vehicular traffic and is a major concern with problems as expressed by village council Chairman Hairo Moralez.

Hairo Moralez – Chairman Boom Creek Village
“Again the rainy season is here and even this week we have lots of rain here in Toledo. The road to my village is flooded in the Armado area which is about two miles out of the village where approximately quarter mile of the road is under water and also the rest of the road is impassable to travel because of big holes in the road. Because of this problem we have had no classes last week and we are looking into this week as well. For the eight to ten students who come to UB or TCC it is a bigger problem, they already have to pay a private taxi to school every day because Government does not provide them transportation to school, now they have to pay two taxis, one from the village to the flooded area and then they walk or swim about a quarter mile of the water and then get another taxi to get to school in Punta Gorda.”

Village Chairman Moralez also spoke of his efforts seeking assistance.

Hairo Moralez – Chairman Boom Creek Village
“I visited Ministry of Works office where I met with the officer in charge and he told me he would start to work on it but so far no help and the road is flooded again. I also visited the office of area representative Minster Eden Martinez and I could not see him but I left a message with two ladies who work at the office and they told me they would tell him and they assured me they would work on the road. I as Chairman am asking help for my village, we have had this problem for two, three years every year we have the problem. I have been Chairman there for three years and we are just asking for help and especially for the students to come to school and the students in Boom Creek Village.”

Boom Creek Village Council Chairman Moralez and two other villagers who accompanied him told Love News that they remain very concern about the challenges, hardships and risks the students and villagers of the 22 Boom Creek families have to face and endure in getting to and out of their village especially during the days when the road is impossible. Reliable information from the Ministry of Works here indicates that because of the current rainy weather conditions in Toledo, urgent work is ongoing on the Jalacte Road and weather permitting work is expected to begin this week on the bad areas on the Boom Creek road.