Constant rains have caused flooding situations in the Stann Creek, Toledo and Cayo Districts. The national Emergency Management Organization has issued a release updating the public on the situation. In the Stann Creek District, the Sittee River at Kendall is about five and a half feet above normal and is peaking. Mullins River is two feet above normal and rising slowly. North Stann Creek is at normal level. A portion of the Hopkins road is under water as well as the road connecting Hopkins and Sittee River. However the roads are still open to traffic. In the Toledo District the Barranco Santa Ana Road and the bridge at Blue Creek is presently under water. The Moho River is two feet above normal and a portion of the road west of the bridge near Santa Anna Village is under two and a half feet of water due to run off from a swampy area. The road through Blue Creek is close to vehicular traffic. The road to Boom Creek presently under about two and a half feet of water and is also close to vehicular traffic. School has been closed in the villages of Boom Creek, Mabil Ha, Corazon Creek, San Lucas, Conejo Creek, Sunday Wood and Midway because teachers cannot reach their school. In the Cayo District the ferry at Succutz is now closed due to flooding. People living in low lying areas that are prone to flooding are advised to be alert and be prepared to move to high ground. Drivers are advised to exercise extreme caution and not to venture into flooded roads and areas prone to flash flooding. The public is advised to continue to listen for flood alert advisories. NEMO continues to monitor the developing flood situation in the Southern Districts arising due to a Tropical Wave currently passing over Belize today and tomorrow.