The Belize Chamber of Commerce and industry is gearing up for the annual business expo scheduled for this coming weekend. The event will feature small entrepreneurs and large enterprises, all displaying their products and services. Love news spoke with Vanessa Peyrefitte, Marketing and Public Relations Officer at the BCCI.

Vanessa Peyrefitte - Marketing and Public Relations Officer, BCCI
“Why do it? Well we need to do it and the reason we need to do it is that this is a want Market Place where they can showcase the best of what they have to offer, new product line, new products and services and it is way to tap into a customer base, a target market that maybe they may not have had a chance to, to interact with. And also it is a wonderful avenue for entrepreneurs, those entrepreneurs who are just starting out; they don’t have that huge marketing budget. Where else would small entrepreneurs like that get a chance to let people know this is what I am doing and it is a good product, that is why we have it.”

The expo will take place on Saturday and Sunday at the ITVET campus on Freetown Road. Peyrefitte says there will much to see and experience. She adds that this year they are selling tickets in advance to avoid the long lines at the gates. Gates open at eight in the morning and close at five in the evening on Saturday and Sunday.