Belize Telecommunications Umited (BTL), in its confinued commitment to
provide convenient, reliable and high quality cost effecive communication
services, will very shortly be connected to the rest of the world via a
submarine fiber optic cable system, known as ARCOS-1 (Americas Region
Caribbean Ring System). The ARCOS-1 project will establish a high capacity
communications highway consisting of a fiber ring connecting fourteen North
American, Central American, Caribbean and South American countries
including the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama and Belize.

In 1999, BTL signed an agreement to be a part of the ARCOS-1 Project by
becoming the landing party in Belize and purchasing capacity on the cable.
The project has since started and will reach the shores of Belize on July
21 with works continuing through to August 3, 2001, connecting one cable
from Belize to Tulum, Mexico and another from Belize to Puerto Barrios,
Guatemala. The entire cable ring is scheduled for completion towards the
end of this year.

ARCOS-1 will make available to BTL sufficient capacity and improved quality
for voice telephony, high-speed data transfer, multimedia services and any
other digital communications required to any part of the world. This cable
system will compliment the traditional satellite international
communications now provided from our earth station in Belmopan.
Furthermore, it will contribute significantly to the economic development
of the country by providing a medium which encourages manufacturing and
other technology oriented investments. In cases of hurricanes or other
natural disasters, the ARCOS-1 cable system will provide enhanced
reliability and protection for Belize's international communication to the
outside world.

All necessary measures are being taken to ensure the protection of the
reef, divers, manatees, water quality and the entire marine environment. In
fact, representatives of the Departmentof the Environment (DOE) and other
related agencies have been invited to supervise the cable laying exercise,
as an added precautioh. The cable route was designed to avoid patches of
reef and areas where recreational diving takes place.

Fishermen, divers, water taxis, badges and the general public are asked to
avoid the areas of the cable route during the cable laying exercise. A map
of the cable mute in the territorial waters of Belize is available in the
local newspapers and at BTL offices countrywide.

Additional information will also be available at the Lobster Fest in Caye
Caulker on June 30 and July 1, 2001. All interested parties are invited to
visit the BTL booth for further details.

BTL is proud to be associated with this historical event in the country,
and will continue to do its part to develop communications in Belize.