Could it be that the gang truce is over? There are concerns about that tonight after a group of men affiliated with the PIV gang were shot at - and what's worse it happened just as one of those community programs were starting.

Four men were shot around 9:40 this morning while working on Flamboyant Street in the St Martins Area. 24 year old Emmeth Baptist known as Dada was shot to the right ankle, 20 year old Ernest Staine to the right hand; 20 year old Cleo Cherrington was shot to the left ankle and 25 year old Devon Smith to the right leg. The men were in the area cleaning the drains and cutting the grass when 3 men rode up on separate bicycles and opened fire at them.

The 4 had been contracted to clean up their community by Minister of works Boots Martinez and political aspirant Mark King. It was their first day on the job. All four are considered to be affiliates of the PIV gang.

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