The butane strike is over; at the start of business this morning, the three Central American Companies, BWEL, TOMZA and Z gas started delivering and selling butane - and they say they are doing it with scales.

We followed a few delivery trucks to see those scales in action, but the drivers dodged us - and not having the time for hide and seek, tonight, we can't confirm that the scales are in use.

But we do know that the companies say they are using scales and government says the companies are compliant with the scale regulations.

Really, it's up to you the consumer to demand that your tank is weighed before and after it is filled to make sure that you get what you pay for.

The government has successfully forced the companies to both comply and call off the strike - without giving any increase on the controlled price of butane.

But now, those negotiations will have to start. Government is expected to hold to the position that two of the Central American companies, sell a grade of butane that is - at best - 90% propane. Propane is far cheaper than butane; the two are mixed to make LPG - or liquid petroleum gas - which is what you cook with - but it is commonly called butane. We'll let you know how those negotiations go.

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