In case you missed it or don't read the best newspaper in the world, there
was a front-page article on Jay Picon in today's (July 3) Wall Street Journal.

The thrust of the article was, basically, "how U.S. tax fugitive is having a
wonderful life in a Belizean paradise."

Jay and Pam Picon, of course, own Mopan River Resort in Benque. Pam also
publishes an electronic newsletter on Belize. Jay, an Oklahoman who made his
money running an aviation company -- he says he trained 110,000 pilots during
the Vietnam war -- has been on the lam since he was indicted in 1986 for tax
evasion. He lived in Mexico for awhile and also in Europe. He and Pam lived
at Marina Towers in Belize City after being chased out of Canada by the RCMP,
likely at the behest of the IRS, and then moved to Benque where they built a
beautiful home and the all-inclusive resort (which by the way is one of the
best values in Belize.)

The Picons are in Belize under the economic citizenship -- or buy-a-passport
-- program.

Anyway, nothing new in the article except that Jay's real name is Ross, not
Picon. Most anyone in Belize knows the details of the story, and Jay himself
is quite open about his tax problems.

Frankly, the article is pretty good PR for Belize.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have to say that I know Jay and
Pamella. They have been gracious and helpful to me in a couple of matters.
I stayed at their resort last year. I wish them the best.

--Lan Sluder
Belize First Magazine

Lan Sluder/Belize First