By Kim Pound, Belize District Church of the Nazarene
Simeona Choc is a small Mayan woman who lives in southern Belize.

But what she lacks in stature, she makes up in her amazing determination as a woman of God.

Choc is a woman unwilling to settle. She and her husband had moved to a new village where there was no Nazarene church. Instead of just going to any church she answered the call of God to start one.

The church is alive and growing. God is blessing her ministry. Since then she has started another new mission in a village that also needed a Nazarene church. She is determined to share the Good News with the people of Belize.

This summer, Choc decided to help her sons collect fire wood for their home. The boys cut wood and Choc helped collect and carry it. As one son cut wood, some of the pieces rolled down the incline and landed partially in the river. She decided to go and get the wood.

As she picked up the pieces, a crocodile came out of the water and clamped down on her arm with its powerful jaws. Choc is about 5-feet tall and hardly a match for a crocodile, but God intervened, and she beat the crocodile with her other arm until it released her.

She had many puncture wounds from the crocodile’s sharp teeth and one artery was punctured and bleeding heavily. Her sons got to her quickly and put her in the truck so they could get her medical help.

While she was in the truck, Choc worried about missing the prayer service that evening because of her injury – even in the midst of her own storm, she still had concern for the people of her church.

The doctor stitched her wounds and stopped the artery from bleeding. In the weeks to follow, her wounds would turn in to scars, and in the months to follow the scars are hardly noticeable.

In a recent Sunday School rally, District Superintendent Darin Pound had Choc share her testimony. The crowd listened intently to every word, and the district rejoiced with her as she gave God all praise and glory for sparing her life.

At one point she said, “I never asked for this to happen to me, but God knows what He is doing.”

Choc is still preaching and working hard to share the Good News of the gospel with the people of Belize.

--Kim Pound is the wife of Belize District Superintendent Darin Pound