We are asking your assistance in locating an American who is believed to be in Belize. According to his fiancé, he may have arrived in Belize early September, 2011.

Brenda Bell fiancé of missing American Steven Lyons reported that she received a message from her fiancé in Belize stating that he was in trouble with the police and for her not to worry about it since he should get everything cleared up by the next day. She stated that she has not heard from him since.

According to Ms. Bell, he entered Belize on board his yacht named ‘The Dance’. We have checked with the Port Commissioner Mr. John Flowers who checked with all the ports in Belize and stated that no vessel by that name has checked in with the ports. He also advised me that this does not mean he is not in Belize as there are incidences of vessels coming in and not checking in with the port.

Mr. Lyons biographic information is:
Name: Steven Blake Lyons
Likes to play pool, poker and loves to dive
5’7” tall
Dark Hair
Clean shaven
About 150 lbs
Hazel eyes
DOB: 20-Sep-1955


62’ white motor boat

She stated that her fiancé is traveling with a couple by the name of Mary and Buddy. She also said that another vessel being manned by a woman by the name of Trinia is also on this trip with them. According to Brenda, they were supposedly coming to Belize to visit a friend of theirs who is like family since they all have no family. The name of the friend is ‘Bubba’ Hipp, who has cancer. Bubba travels to the doctor on Tuesdays and Thursdays for medical treatment. She does not believe he lives on an island but lives somewhere near the sea. Fiancé also stated that Mr. Lyons has two dogs on board his vessel, names Tasha and Taz. She stated that Mr. Lyons remains on his vessel so he wouldn’t have been checking into a hotel.

Both vessels departed Texas sometime in July, 2011 and made stops in Mexico before arriving in Belize. She has attached copies of the boats, Mr. Steve Lyons and his friend Trinia.

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Steve's boat is the first pic. The sail boat is Trinia's. Here is a pic of Steve but his hair is shorter and he is clean shaved. and a pic of Trinia