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24 September Clean-up

ear Clean-Team ........

Yesterday, 24 September, we had another Clean Team work project.

The area from Journey's End to Mata Chica was tackled by the Indigo team. One man collected Three 55-gallon trash bags of beach-trash from JE to Indigo. This area of beach was cleaned thoroughly on the last cleanup, but more junk washes up. Six men cleaned the roadway from Indigo to Mata Chica. Several 55-gallon bags of trash, an amount of old metal roofing and some appliances were hauled out. Washing machines, stoves and air conditioners were amongst the mess.

Two very active Playa Blanca residents - Sally and David Galbraith - spearheaded several days worth of advance cleaning in their immediate area. This allowed for quick loading of one full truckload of debris.
Many thanks to Sally and David, Javier, Jim and Bob for loading this junk onto the truck. Some areas were dozed, and some debris was buried. A particularly bad dumping area was fenced off and no-trash signs were posted.

The condition of the road immediately north of Mata Chica is almost impassible. The lagoon covers sections of the "road" and the mud-holes in other areas are impressive. We thought the truck was going to be stuck but it managed to get through. Until the road is dry and patched, there will be no further travels of big Town Board trucks from town to this area.
Due to the road condition we did not manage to haul away the mounds of debris from the LaPerla dumping area. Counselor Severo Gurrero does want this debris for fill for San Mateo and we'll be exploring how to get it down from the area by barge or large open boat.

Thanks to residents who donated time, water, funds and energy to this initiative.

Further plans for more island projects will follow.

Cheers and KEEP IT CLEAN !!
for the Clean Team