If you tuned in to channel 7 on the 20th night for our live coverage of the event at the memorial park, you would have seen the crew from the Institute of creative arts attempt a most daring feat: they staged a musical play on a night when the audience eas expecting song and dance.

And, the best part is their gamble paid off - and now they are taking that play called September Spectacle to the stage at the Bliss. We asked the director Kimberly Vasquez about the performance:

Kimberly Vasquez - Writer/Director, September Spectacle Play
"This was done as a part of the festivities in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of Independence. And we want to give everybody opportunity to come out one more time and see it again, and close off this month of festivities for September, with this evening of entertainment, and also because some people were out there yes. It's a different environment, and some people have said that they saw it out there, but they would like to come to theatre, sit back, and enjoy it one more time."

Monica Bodden
"Now a public theatre, like the one that Memorial Park has its own special magic, how do you think it will play in the theatre?"

Kimberly Vasquez
"They both have their own magic, and they both have their own energy. So, it's not like you'll experience the same thing 2 times. So definitely I would urge to come out. If you saw it out there, come and see it again. Please come out. It's good for the entire family. Children enjoyed it, and adults as well. It's very funny. The dance pieces are very lively and energetic, so come out and catch a September Spectacle."

The musical play features a range of songs sampled form the repertoires of Mr. Peters to Ernestine Carballo to Andy Palacio.

It will play on Friday at 8:00 at the Bliss...

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