Miley Garcia

Belize has so far accumulated one loss and three wins on the road to World Cup 2014 in Brazil. But before you can say Obrigado to the national team, there are hurdles and distractions in the football world that must be overcome. As you are well aware the Football Federation of Belize and the Ministry of Sports were locked in a legal battle over statutes, regulations and management of the sport. But FIFA, the F.F.B. and the ministry are hoping that all issues will be sorted out quickly. According to National Sports Coordinator Miley Garcia, earlier today a FIFA representative met with the F.F.B. and the government to work on determining the outcome of a myriad of issues.

Miley Garcia, National Sports Coordinator

“For a long while we have this impasse between the F.F.B. and the government of Belize and earlier this year there was a roadmap that was presented by FIFA as to the way forward between the F.F.B. and the government of Belize—the way forward for football in Belize. So this morning there was a meeting between ministry of sports including the minister of Sports himself, the F.F.B. and a FIFA representative, Mister Primo Corvado. And essentially in this meeting, the minister was informed and given update as to the first aspect of the roadmap which involved the holding of a congress by the F.F.B. to ratify the newly reformed statutes of the F.F.B. to elect an electoral commission and to establish an electoral code. That meeting will take place tomorrow at six p.m. at the F.F.B. headquarters in Belmopan. Among the other discussions was the new issue that had arisen that the F.F.B. had sent out notices attempting to form a new top league. And that is one of the things that has been plaguing us at the ministry because the football family has been clamoring and asking whether that fits within the context of the FIFA roadmap. Tomorrow, we are encouraging all teams from the top leagues, which are the B.P.F.L. and the Super League and also any other football club that believes they are qualified to be in a top league to come to a very important meeting at the F.F.B. headquarters in Belmopan. At that meeting, the representative of FIFA will be there, the F.F.B. representatives and also minister Saldivar will be there. The outcome of that meeting si expected that a definitive top league for Belize will be decided on.”

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