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The other controversy doesn’t involve mangroves, it involves beauty queens. Seventeen year old Kadejah Tunn was named Miss World Belize 2011-2012, which means she will be representing the Jewel in the international pageant in London on November sixth. Only four delegates competed this past Saturday at the Miss World Pageant, whose franchise is now held by businessman Michael Arnold of the Corozal Free Zone. But what’s a pageant without controversy? Since the winner was announced on Saturday night, several pageant goers have expressed dissatisfaction with judge’s decision. That is a matter of opinion, but there was a miscalculation in the scores for the second runner-up and the wrong delegate was announced at the pageant. A press conference was called today and Jessel Lauriano, the Spokesperson for the Miss World Belize Pageant, gave the corrected results and explained where the scoring went wrong. Lauriano emphasized that the mistake in no way affected the first and second place winners.

Jessel Lauriano, Spokesperson, Miss World Belize Pageant

Jessel Lauriano

“Miss Tunn, a seventeen year old graduate of Edward P. Yorke High School in Belize City won the title of Miss World Belize 2011 and the golden opportunity to represent her country at the sixty-first Miss World Pageant from among four other candidates at the Miss World Belize Pageant, which took place at the Princess Hotel on Saturday, October first. Miss Tunn was also the judges’ choice for top model, beach beauty, Miss Photogenic and the optional segment, Most Talented. First runner up is Miss Chantae Guy of Belmopan; a nineteen year old student of the University of Belize, while Miss Ruth Salazar of Orange Walk Town; a twenty year old student of Muffles College is the second runner up. Miss Iris Chicas of Corozal Town was named by her fellow candidates as Miss Amity. The Miss World Belize Limited organization first announced at the event that the second runner up was Miss Ericia Brown of Belize City. This, however, was due to the optional talent segment being inadvertently graded for a prize and added to the total score of the participating candidates, which however was not to be, since Miss Ruth Salazar had used her option not to participate in the talent segment but was, as a result of this blunder, given a zero score for this segment. This is in compliance with the rules and regulation of Miss World International Contest. A further check of the scores revealed the blunder and an emergency meeting was called on Sunday with the relevant officials where the situation was remedied. The Miss World Belize organization sincerely apologizes for the confusion and assures the public that the talent segment scores never affected the standing of the winner, Miss Kadejah Tunn, or the first runner up, Miss Chantae Guy.”

Tunn’s prizes include three thousand dollars cash, an Associate Degree scholarship courtesy of U.D.P. Standard Bearer Mark King, one month weight training at Neal and Gordon Gym, one month spa treatment at the Royal Wellness Center and a round trip ticket to London for the Miss World International Pageant on November sixth.

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Throwing Tiaras At Ms. World Controversy

On Saturday night 17 year old Edward P. Yorke high school graduate - Kadejah Tun won the title of Miss World Belize 2011 and an opportunity to represent the country at the 61st Miss World Pageant in London.

First runner up went to 19 year old Chantae Guy of Belmopan and 20 year old Ruth Salazar of Orange Walk Town took second runner up. But - as often happens - there was controversy after the pageant supposedly because the wrong girl won.

Some of the contestants were throwing tiaras about the scores of the winner - since there was an optional talent segment; some took part, some didn't - and the total should not have counted against them, but, alas, they say it did.

On Sunday an emergency meeting was called and the committee decided to take out the talent segment from the final tabulation. When that was done, nothing changed and the winner, Miss Kadejah Tun's title was not affected and she remains the winner of the pageant. 7news spoke with Public Relations Officer for Miss World Belize.

Jessel Lauriano, Miss World Belize 2010
"As you guys know that Miss Kadejah Tun won the Miss World Belize Pageant on Saturday at the Princess. Well, we had a talent segment that was optional and this is also done in the Miss World as well, and the talent was added up and the other contestants were concern and that, when they went back we had an emergency meeting on Sunday and they went over everything and the winners still stands even though the talent segment was taken out of it so that was the problem."

Monica Bodden
"So there was no mistake with the winner?"

Jessel Lauriano, Miss World Belize 2010
"No, none at all, she took beach beauty, top model, miss photogenic I believe, she won almost all the categories there."

"Was the person who contested questioning Miss Tun's position as first place winner?"

Jessel Lauriano, Miss World Belize 2010
"Yes I believe so."

"And what was the outcome of this contest?"

Jessel Lauriano, Miss World Belize 2010
"The outcome is that the position still stands; Miss Kadejah Tun is the Miss World Belize 2011 without the talent segment being added on there. The only change that was made is that Miss. Ericia Brown who was places second runner up - when the talent was taken out of it, Miss. Ruth Salazar of Corozal I think ended up with the second runner up position."

The 61st Miss World Pageant will take place in London on the 6th of November.

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