In other news of police under investigation, 7news has confirmed that five police officers, four constables and a corporal attached to the Dangriga formation have been sent before a tribunal for allegedly stealing cocaine from a drug runner - and never turning it into police.

The story is that they pinched 15 kilo bricks of cocaine from a drug dealer in the jetty area of Dangriga.

Today the police press officer told us it is an allegation but they have no criminal complaint:..

Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer
"These officers are going in front of an internal discipline board because we know; you and I know that you will not come and report to the police that somebody stole 45 kilos of cocaine from you. Then you will also be charge because that's an illegal substance. So first of all we cannot charge these officers criminally, so then I am not privilege to discuss what is the process that they are going through until we have the final results from that tribunal, then I am privilege to discuss it publicly."

"It's an allegation. We are investigating that. The allegation alone itself that cocaine was remove from point A and wasn't turned-in at the station. That's a grave allegation. So we have to investigate that. Five police officers are in front of a tribunal at the end of the day the results will be made public."

The Tribunal has held its first hearing but no conclusion has been arrived at yet.

Channel 7