The Supreme Court today dismissed a challenge by the Placencia based NGO Peninsula Citizens for Sustainable Development which had sued the Department of the Environment to stop the huge development at the Placencia Marina Limited. Justice Oswell Legall rejected all the challenges brought by the NGO finding that from the evidence, the project would not negatively impact on the aquatic life and birds in the area because of the comparatively small size of the project in the vast Caribbean Sea. According to the justice, the evidence shows that overall there are positive benefits to the population residing in the villages connected to the project. The Court found that the Department of the Environment had properly followed the law. His forty-one page ruling delivered today also concludes that “The claimant has failed to prove that the EIA and ECP do not satisfy the provisions of the Act and regulations and that the Defendant and the interested party acted contrary to the said Legislation.” This means that the investment, one of Belize’s biggest, can continue. Attorney for the Placencia, Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay told News Five, that his client was very concerned by this hopeless claim filed by Peninsula Citizens for Sustainable Development. It was very clear from the beginning, he says, that the claim was baseless and designed to stop development for the sake of stopping development. During the course of the trial, the parties, including the Judge, visited the site in order to understand the size of the investment and the environmental protection measures that were put in place.

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