HI To All Clean Team and Green Team Friends!

I am writing to say thanks for your support and to give you an over view of the status of our projects ......

Clean Team North Island ROAD Cleanups ---

Three separate events were successful in cleaning most of the debris from the road, starting at the bridge and going as far north as Playa Blanca.
Please take the time to continue this important program by bagging trash and sending it in to town with your household garbage.

Problem areas still exist and need to be addressed appropriately.
Kindly assist me in assembling a list of the remaining problem areas so that we can work towards a solution - survey your area and send me a list of locations that still need attention.

Due to road conditions north of Journey's End, there will be no further truck-assisted pickup programs north of that location in the near future. We still don't have word from SPTB on a routine for pickup in the area that can be reached by truck, but I hope to have something from them soon.

The road-clean project is "done" for the moment ...... we will probably want to schedule a quarterly event to keep things nice. Hopefully when we do that we can clean the entire road in one big day - there really should not be that much trash accumulating in the next 3 months.

We'll be mounting a series of beach-clean projects shortly. We aim to clean from San Pedro to Robles on a series of weekend outings. How? With many hands, a festive spirit and a party atmosphere. BTB, Town Board, Tour Guides & Neighborhood Watch groups will be enlisted. Watch for notices!

Diane for the Clean Team