The San Pedro Police Station was stormed by some fifty construction workers on bicycles on Wednesday night, October 5th at around 7pm.

According to the construction workers they had worked for approximately eighteen hours for Mr. Mike Madrid The men all complained of working 18 hours “like animals” for a Mr. Madrid at a construction site north of the bridge; with no offer of food nor water. According to the men, on these jobs, it is customary that the employer provide some food and liquid to the workers as it is required that they be there for a long time, however at this particular job there wasn’t any and they had to pay for their own food and water.

At the end of the eighteen hours, the workers expected to collect $180 or at least $160, however they were given $110 and told to either take it or leave it. This is when they all decided to take the matter to the Police. According to a reliable source, after some time, with the assistance of the police, the workers and the contractor were able to come to an agreement.

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