On Tuesday the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital started using its new Cath Lab to perform interventional cardiology on patients who have blocked or shrinking arteries. While that is a breakthrough for people who otherwise would not be able to afford that life-saving procedure, it isnít the only positive stride that the hospital has made in recent weeks. Chief Medical Officer at KHMH, Dr. Bernard Bulwer, told Love News that there are also two very important additional treatments available at the institution.

Dr. Bernard Bulwer Ė Chief Medical Officer, KHMH
ďOne other group is here to deal with the children. It is an International group, primarily from the United States to deal with children who have all kind of digestive and bowel problems, some kids are born without an anus, some kids are born with all kinds of abnormalities and they came down here to fix it, all of this is done free of charge. We also have a group that came down to put a special device in the heart, itís a sophisticated device, more than just a regular pacemaker .In addition we have a group visiting from New York to look at people whose feet are at risk for amputation, they are called the podiatrists and they will engage with the KHMH, engage with the people of this country to tell them to prevent getting your foot amputated. The problem with many people with diabetes is that diabetes attacks the vision, so people may not be seeing, they may not be feeling the sort of sensation in their feet so they may damage their feet without knowing, they will not be able to inspect it and they are embarking on a prevention strategy in this institution and across the country.Ē

Dr. Bulwer says there are more teams of doctors who will conduct these types of treatment to patients whose lives depend on them.