[Linked Image] I have been reading, with much concern, the recent snide shots taken at our esteemed Mayor of Benque Viejo Town, Nicholas Ruiz.

“Snide shots”, I say because it is evident that the mischief is orchestrated by that outsider who has lived all his immoral life, raking in the big bucks from his law practice, in Belize City, and now wants to come to represent the good people of Cayo West.

We want this individual to know however that the seeds of discord he is attempting to plant in our community will never take root. Those of us who have chosen to make our livelihood in Benque Viejo Town, instead of running away, know better than to believe this latest round of political mischief.

My only regret in the unfolding of this mischievous act is that this imported political animal is using an unsuspecting young talent, our lovely beauty Queen, as a tool of his selfish and mischievous act. My experience has consistently shown that after using our people, these political animals just throw them away like garbage while moving on to new victims to be used in their selfish games.

To our beauty Queen I say, they come like wolves in sheep clothing. All you need to do is ask this immoral character to show you the status of his personal household which, as everyone knows, is in turmoil because he stands accused, and perhaps even condemned, of immorality against his very own niece. Beware as unsuspecting young girls seem to be his preferred prey. Don’t fall victim to this predator.

As elections draw nearer you will see him coming around with building supplies. You will see him coming around with groceries. You will see him coming around with cash and, as the season approaches, you will no doubt see him coming around with Christmas toys for our children.

Remember that your vote is secret. He will NEVER know how you vote so by all means take his construction supplies. Take his groceries. Take his cash. In fact, give him your light, water, telephone and other bills. Tell him to pay your bills with the cash he brings. Take the toys and Christmas goodies he brings and ask him for more because this is all you will ever get from him.

After you have taken that which he brings, sit back and ask yourself, what has this individual ever given us, what has he ever done for us in the years prior to him seeking political office? Not surprisingly, the answer will be a resounding NOTHING. After you have done this evaluation you would have effectively caught another PUP in his cunning ways.

To our Mayor and councilors I say, don’t be distracted by this predator as they will come in many forms and shapes. Just keep up the good works that you have been doing in our community and on Election Day, in March 2012, your people will return the love you have given them over the years. All I ask however, is for you to protect our beauty Queen, she is not the enemy but rather a potential victim of PUP deceit. Do not allow her to fall into the evil arms of the Belize City predator.

The record clearly shows that Nicholas Ruiz is the BEST Mayor our town has ever known. Benque Viejo Town, under Mayor Ruiz, is the BEST it has ever been beyond comparison. We have recently been declared the cleanest town in the entire country; this was certainly not accomplished by accident. This honor was achieved through the hard work and dedication of Mayor Ruiz and his team with full support from the good people of Benque Viejo Town.
Under Mayor Ruiz, George Price Boulevard, with beautiful plants and garbage receptacles at strategic intervals, is now a wonderful sight to behold.

Several streets, neglected for generations by previous Mayors, have been, for the very first time, paved with hot mix, something that our town has NEVER seen.

The MarshalleckCancha has been modernized. A refurbished Cancha now stands in that place where an eye sore once stood.

Our town council, under that able leadership of Mayor Ruiz, has recently upgraded the Del Carmen Park and the Chiclero Park, neglected for many, many years by successive town councils.

Our Coronation Park will very soon become the greatest pride in our community. It will provide a place where our children can recreate and where we can interact as a loving community in peace and harmony.

Under Mayor Ruiz, Telemedia has returned to our municipality. Our own bank is currently under construction and will be opening soon. Furthermore, our Mayor is actively seeking for the opening of a Social Security Branch office and a Belize Water Services office in our town.

In conjunction with our Area Representative, Benque Viejo now boasts a spanking new community hospital with adequate equipment and medical supplies as well as a new ambulance.

Our council continues to lend its support for the construction of a new Helpage building which is soon to be inaugurated. The list of accomplishments can just simply go on and on.

Like Minister of Works, Boots Martinez reminds us “Pay no mind to the noise in the market”, Mr. Mayor, “just check your change.”

I express these thoughts in brotherhood for a Benque Viejo Town that is aggressively moving towards true development from the stagnation it once was under successive mayors and councilors.

The Guardian