Travel With Spirit Television Filming In Belize

Here at Ambergris Today we have been hearing about this new magazine in Belize, News Exchange Magazine (NE); for the most part very good things. We are glad to have gotten our hands on the latest issue and we must say that we are very impressed with it.

It is still a very young publication that is exploring and promoting all things Belize and we see a lot of potential from this publication that is exploring the arena of magazine publishing in a country that is known for its weekly newspaper and newsletter publications. It is the only magazine in the mix.

We love to see a big stamp on the front cover that says “Made in Belize” and their motto that says “Promoting everything Belizean”, something that Ambergris Today works by and is proud of promoting. Since its first issue on June 2010, NE Magazine has been publishing every three months, filling the void of being a publication that highlights the quality and high standard of work that is being done in Belize.

The magazine includes topics like: Entertainment News on Belizean Artists, Fashion, Sports, Gossip, Belizean Folklore, Belizean Recipes, Belizean Culture, Health, Poetry and Relationships. It says that it’s a magazine that departs from the norm in Belize, offering its readers an intriguing mix of articles geared towards informing visitors and Belizeans at home and abroad: - on national issues (written by award-winning Belizean Journalists).

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