Photo provided by Katherine Arnold

I was amazed to come upon this photo which caught my eye first-hand because it has to do with Caye Caulker entrepreneurial skills which had to be placed into the spotlight so readers can view Caye Caulker’s talents. Femi Reyes-Blanco of Caye Caulker makes her very own hot sauce for sale. See for yourself. Femi also owns her own business at the Palapa Gardens named Femi’s Cafe, where they serve delicious food and enticing drinks to satisfy anyone’s palette. Here is a personal message from Femi which I shared from her Facebook page:

Try my home made pepper sauce: 8 oz bottles only $4.00 .. Also do deliveries place your order at 6223469 or 2260250. Sold also by gallons to refill bottles or liter bottles. You can purchase at China Town, Payless, Quans, Or just call I deliver one etc. Try the rich Femi’s home-made pepper sauce in varieties of red, green, orange. Special prices if purchased by the dozen or gallon. Don’t wait call me now!!

So, you have read her message folks, what are you waiting for? :-)

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