24 year old Irene Garcia Avilez is the proud mom of triplet girls. The babies were born this morning, just one week before their due date. All girls are healthy and the Western Regional Hospital was all abuzz with the news today as it is the first time that the hospital has delivered triplets.

She was for a minute, about twice, threatening to go into labor, so we had her here at the ward with treatment. She was okay, she was released last week, but was re-admitted yesterday, because the labor pains became persistent. She was already 37 weeks pregnant, so we decided that it was time for us to do the surgery. She was scheduled for selective C-section for next week, but it was a lot of discomfort from a mother’s part, so we decided to do the selective C-section today. Triplets would normally get into labor before the times o we would normally have pre-termed babies with low birth weights, but with her case we are really glad that she reached almost full-term and the babies have a very good weight. The C-Sections were done at 9:51- that was the first one, 9:54 was the second one and 9:56 was the third baby this morning.

According to the pediatrician, all three baby girls are healthy. They weighed 4 ½ pounds, 4 ¼ pounds, and 4 lbs and seem to be identical.

Like Dr. Alaya was mentioning, in respect to the weights, they have good weights, taking into consideration that they are triplets, normally they are very small babies and they don’t really reach full term pregnancy. These babies here are 37 weeks, that is almost a term pregnancy. They are very stable, at birth three of them had spontaneous cries, only the third one had a little difficulty breathing at first, but a little oxygen was given and she responded very well. They are stable they are breast feeding they are with their moms, they don’t have to be in incubators or anything like that because they have good weights and they are very stable.

Proud dad, Alfred Avilez, who is a tour guide, says that he is thankful to God that everything went safely. His family has just increased by three and he is the only male in the house. The couple has two older children, a five year old and 2 and a half year old, also girls.

Alred Alvarez, Father
First thing I give thanks to God because he is the one that takes care of us, of everybody. I felt nervous and excited when I first heard the news, then I spoke to my wife and I told her that it is a big blessing because it is three girls. It is the first time in my life that I will see three girls as triplets. I don’t think I have any worry… I am just excited about what God just give me just now. At the same time it will make me stay more close to my wife, my family, to my kids… I will try to send them to school. Learn things that I have not learnt because I did not have the opportunity to go to college. I will try my best to send them to college when they get big.

The financial responsibility of caring for triplets can be a daunting one and today, the hospital assisted by giving the family a number of baby products such as powder, wipes, pampers, shampoos, and other items. Grace Kennedy Belize also donated a large package of pampers to the family. If anyone would like to assist the family, the father can be reached at 660-6866. The little girls were named Renata, Raquel, and Rebecca.