We've already told you all about the controversy surrounding that Tikal-copycat sculpture being built on the Marine Parade roundabout. Well, a few people have called us about the Belize City Council's latest venture - which is a more modest installation, but it seems, equally disturbing to a fair number of city residents.

It's three X's - not some pornographic denotation, but the Roman numerals for "30" - presumably to commemorate Belize's 30th. Anniversary of independence.

We say "presumably" because, again "no public" information has been sent out and we couldn't ask the mayor because she's out of the country at a conference.

Apart from seeming slightly random and dating rather quickly, critics point out that it taints the seafront scenery, blocks the usual water to land crossover area for the Lionman triathlon and provides a possible hurricane projectile in the event of a storm. Justified complaints? Or baseless whining? We'll let you be the judge as we post an online poll tonight about the Triple X Public Sculpture.

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