Back in 2006, national controversy broke when it was discovered that the Government of the day had guaranteed Universal Health Servicesís 33.5 million dollar debt. In 2007, the guarantee was challenged in court by the Association of Concerned Belizeans and Godwin Hulse. That is because, the P.U.P. Government had decided not to get a resolution of the National Assembly before taking over U.H.S. and the debt. The challengers argued that the guarantee had not been legally made because the loan note never got the approval of the National Assembly. They won that challenge, both in the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals. The matter was then taken to the Privy Council and yesterday, that ruling was handed down and the ACB lost. The Privy Council ruled that the bank document under which the G.O.B. assumed the U.H.S. liability was a promissory note and not a loan. As such it did not require a resolution from the National Assembly under the Finance and Audit Act. This means that the Government and people of Belize must pay the Belize Bank the 33.5 million dollars plus interest, which will bring the debt amount close to forty million dollars.