A bevy of local Sanpedranas were featured in the 2011 Belikin Calender; we will soon find out the new set of Belizean that will grace the 2012 Calendar as the launch party has been set for Saturday, October 22, 2011 at the Princess Hotel and Casino.

Calendar Launch Party

Along with majestic temples, arcane artifacts and fascinating legends, the ancient Maya left behind a rich legacy of symbolism and mystery. But no Maya mystery is more profoundly intriguing than their vision for December 22, 2012; the perpetually theorized, timely topic marking the end of the Maya calendar.

Will the world as we know it cease to exist? Will each of us experience a life-changing rebirth? Or could it simply be that chiseling calendars in rock is painstaking work and the venerable Maya knew there would be things like Blackberrys and iPhones to account for every minute of every day?

The one thing we can tell you unequivocally about 2012; the Belikin Calendar will feature 12 beautiful women each photographed in a Maya-themed pictorial. Each month throughout the year will serve as a tribute to ancient Maya society or culture.

And now itís time to for you to share your theory on the Maya calendar over a Belikin. Please join Belikin around the pool at the Princess Hotel on Saturday, October 22 for the official Launch Party of the 2012 Belikin Calendar. Admission is $10 and includes this yearís wonderful calendar, and of course, a refreshingly cold Belikin. The Belikin models will be there to sign calendars, and the Princessí chef may treat us to some succulent BBQ.

The 2012 calendar project started at the beginning of last year, when we recruited five of Belizeís most talented photographers. The assignment was intentionally vague to allow for many interpretations. Each photographer was to portray a Belizean model within a Maya theme. The results are truly inspired.

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